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March 2017

Writing an e-book is different that writing a regular paperback or hardcover book. An e-book can directly link to websites so the author can further guide the reader to more sales of other products and/or services. Since the e-book is in electronic format, it is also easily accessible on all electronic devices such as computers, PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, and any other type of electronic reading device. With these added benefits, here are 7 must-know tips to write an e-book. – Sarah

March 2017

Learn how Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, "yes" attitude landed her multiple gigs as a nutrition speaker and consultant. Kelly is a go-getter and extremely reliable and personable. I met Kelly through Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group and she is a ton of fun to work with. So thankful to share her career path with NutritionJobs. She has inspired me! – Sarah

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