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Job Title

Registered Dietitian / RD

Job Category

Clinical Dietitian


NMS Healthcare
Hagerstown and Silver Spirng, Maryland

Job Description and Requirements


1. Responsible for the nutrition care management of assigned patientsÃâ completing initial nutrition assessments, care plans, consults, monthly documentation or as required and annual review.
2. Maintains and improves knowledge and skills for a competent and innovative practice.
3. Responsible for maintaining dietetic registration and continuing education hours as specified by the American Dietetic Association.
4. Responsible for participating in facility meetings-stand-up, QA, care plans as well as medical rounds as needed.
5. Participates in state and federal facility inspections as needed.
6. Responsible for upholding company and facility policies as delineated in policy and procedure manuals.
7. Develops nutrition related policies as needed.
8. Reviews results of patient satisfaction surveys.
9. Examines and act upon areas addressing nutrition care/practice that can be improved or changed.
10. Participates in continuous quality improvement activities.
11. Responsible for comprehensive nutrition assessment including short term care plan and long-term program within one month of admission.
12. Responsible for nutrition care management and collaborating with interdisciplinary team to obtain expected clinical outcomes.
13. Recommends appropriate feeding methods, internal formula or feeding patterns.

Bachelor's degree in nutrition/dietics


Theja Lowe
4922 LaSalle Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782
240-421-8983 [tel]

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[posted Feb 13, 2017]

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