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Registered Dietitian

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Clinical Dietitian


Ekahi Health
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
'ike Group

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Job Description and Requirements

'Ekahi Care Management (ECM) aims to develop and deliver disease management, care management, and well-being programs. The Ekahi Ornish Program is the first program that this organization is delivering that has been scientifically proven to reverse the effects of heart disease and the symptoms of those at risk of a heart attack. It's a 9-week program that teaches a foundation of a healthy lifestyle focusing on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and group support.
The Registered Dietitian (RD) is responsible for implementing the Nutrition element of the Program intervention.
Oversees food service and monitors the nutritional adequacy of each participant.
Actively participates in the development of the interdisciplinary treatment plan to ensure the quality and clinical effectiveness of the Program and the safety of each participant.
Full time, salary, exempt position.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

Assists the Program Director with efforts to actively promote the Program to prospective participants and health care professionals as needed.
Provides nutrition education, counseling, and coaching to participants in accordance to the Nutrition Prescription and guidelines. Provides group and individual nutrition consultations throughout the program.
Delivers nutrition lectures/sessions and cooking demos/classes according to Program guidelines. Prepares and updates appropriate educational materials.
Provides a baseline nutrition consultation at the intake appointment that includes an overview of the Nutrition Prescription, and addresses pertinent nutrition related clinical or psychosocial needs.
Assesses, reports, and charts nutritional adequacy and adherence to the nutrition guidelines for each participant. Ability to critically problem solve, use motivational interviewing techniques, collaboratively sets goals and guide participants towards increased compliance.
Reviews and assesses data collected from nutrition surveys. Monitors participant's health status via the medical records prior to and throughout the program.
Documents the participant's response to education, counseling and coaching.
Works with nurse case managers to identify participants with food allergies and collaborates with foodservice and transdisciplinary team in order to provide safe and appropriate meal planning.
Identifies and counsels participants who may need therapeutic adjustments to the eating plan.
Provide education during meals and promotes optimal nutrition adherence by being available to the participants during all meal sessions or exercise session in order to answer questions and provide support.
Attends and participates in weekly team meetings/case conferences and monthly element specialist meetings. Attends monthly full team meetings.
Attends and participates in monthly element specialist calls hosted by the Ornish National Training Center.
Participates in the development of the interdisciplinary treatment plan for each participant.
Participates in the monitoring, documentation, and communication of the participant's response to the interdisciplinary treatment plan throughout the Program intervention.
Personally models the Program by embodying its principles, philosophy and practices.
Facilitates a high level of participant satisfaction.
Complies with HIPAA privacy and patient confidentiality policies and procedures.
Provides educational in-services as necessary.
Serves as the nutrition expert in educating the chef/food service staff. Updates the food service provider on new products. Foodservice quality control management and improvement.
Coordinates potlucks for the participants.
Supervises and collaborates with the chef/food service staff (or outside vendor) to provide the program menu cycle and ensures it meets the program standards for presentation, palatability, and nutritional adequacy (including regular meal sessions, potlucks, cooking classes, and cooking demonstrations)
Supervises and manages the food service aides.
Develops relationships with and maintain list of local community resources.
Plans and coordinates meal plan and menu for special events.
Supports the Registered Dietitian Team through on-going collaboration, case consultation, and process improvement. Works in conjunction with the Registered Dietitian Team to provide coverage for team members when they are out on PTO or sick leave
In partnership with the Registered Dietitian Team, actively supports the 'Ekahi Alumni program by providing Nutrition sessions, cooking demos, or in-service trainings to the Alumni, attending 'Ekahi hosted Alumni events, and engaging in Alumni Team meetings, as needed


Experience in motivational interviewing, counseling and coaching individuals in making lifestyle changes supportive of comprehensive dietary changes.
A passion for plant based nutrition and personal experience with plant based nutrition is desirable.
Experience in meal planning, preparation, cooking and shopping prescribed by plant based nutrition guidelines.
Knowledgeable about research and the role of dietary factors in heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions and exhibits an ability to explain these concepts clearly to participants.
Excellent public speaking skills and knowledge of adult education and coaching principles. Health coaching experience preferred.
Excellent interpersonal communication skills with sensitivity to participant needs.
Excellent leadership and organizational skills.
Excellent computer skills.
Desire and willingness to collaborate as a member of a high-functioning transdisciplinary team that supports personal transformation.
Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics required, Masters preferred.
Registered Dietitian with CDR accreditation.
License, as needed, per state requirement.
Experience working with diabetics is preferred.
Current certification in BLS or CPR.

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Full Time


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