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Public Health Nutritionists (Supervisors), Nutrition Educators

Job Category

Public Health


Florida Department of Health, Bureau of WIC Program Services
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Job Description and Requirements

Tired of winter weather and ready for spring? Consider the nutrition job opportunities in sunny Florida!

We invite you to join our team of WIC professionals in providing nutrition services to clients at critical stages of growth and development.

Florida WIC Program Services has openings in various locations in the state for:
Nutrition educators
Public health nutritionists
Senior public health nutritionists
Public health nutritionist supervisors

Nutrition educators are required to have at least a bachelorâs degree in nutrition/dietetics.

Public health nutritionists are required to be licensed in Florida as a dietitian/nutritionist. To be eligible for Florida licensure as a licensed dietitian/nutritionist, you must obtain a minimum of a bachelorâs degree in nutrition, complete a 900 hour preplanned supervised experience (like a CDR approved dietetic internship) under an RD or FL licensed dietitian/nutritionist, and pass the RD exam. Registered Dietitians are eligible for licensure by endorsement.

For information and an application for Florida licensure for dietitians/nutritionists, please call 850-245-4373 or visit the Florida Dietetics and Nutrition Council web site: http://www.floridahealth.gov/%5C/licensing-and-regulation/dietetic-nutrition/index.html

The State of Florida offers generous benefits to state career service employees, including annual leave, sick leave, nine paid holidays, reduced cost health insurance, and employer paid retirement benefits. For more information about job benefits, see http://mybenefits.myflorida.com. You are able to access information about the Florida WIC program at http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/wic/

Bilingual skills in English/Spanish or Haitian Creole/English are desirable in some locations.

The advertisement for this position can be found at the Florida People First website at: https://jobs.myflorida.com/

You must apply on-line for the Public Health Nutrition Supervisor, Public Health Nutritionist, Nutrition Educator positions and all other positions listed at this site. To apply on-line, you need to click on sign in and then click on the box New Member to create a profile first before applying for a position. You are able to submit your application at https://jobs.myflorida.com/ . Call toll-free 877-562-7287 if you have any questions about applying at this website. This web site is updated frequently with new position openings. Please pay careful attention to the closing date listed, as applications will not be considered if they are received beyond the closing date listed on the job advertisement.

For information about this position and additional public health nutrition positions in other areas of the state: Contact Melissa Salmon-Heil, RD, LD, IBCLC, RLC, Public Health Nutrition Consultant.


Melissa Salmon-Heil
Florida Department of Health, Bureau of WIC Program Services
Bin A16, 4052 Bald Cypress Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1726
850-245-4202 [tel]
850-922-3936 [fax]
850-245-4202 [tel]
850-922-3936 [fax]

[posted Feb 6, 2017]

When responding to this opportunity, reference nutritionjobs.com.

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