Job: Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor

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Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor

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Public Health


Department of Health WIC Program
Lantana, Florida

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Job Description and Requirements

Duties and Responsibilities:

This is advanced and complex professional public health nutrition and dietetic work as a Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor, managing WIC Program services in the Greenacres WIC Center, work is performed under the general supervision of the WIC Operations Manager (Seniro Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor) and requires a high degree of independent judgment. The incumbent is expected to communicate (by phone or in person) in a courteous and professional manner at all times. Responsible for the supervision of professional and administrative staff within the WIC Program including appraisals, planning and directing their work, approving leave, and having the authority for hiring and taking disciplinary action or effectively recommending such actions. Complies with the mandatory requirements in Section 215.422.F.S. and Chapter 3A-24 Florida Administrative Code regarding prompt payment process of special formula. This position is also designated as a managerial position and the position is required to maintain confidential information in accordance with the Department of Health and Palm Beach County Health Department Information Security Policy, Protocols and Procedures. Confidential information data sets include: Social Security; Clinical Information; WIC, and Administrative. This position may view, update or release confidential information. The incumbent in this position has access to WIC FL WISE System, People First and HMS (EARs, Reports), WIC Q-Flow and toher systems as required.

Supervises, manages and evaluates the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program services in the Delray WIC Center, including certification, nutrition education, breastfeeding promotion and check issuance. Ensures that services are provided according to federal, state and local policies in compliance with DMS150-24. Monitors WIC caseload and other program indicators and coordinates site and agency efforts to reach targets. Manages clinic hours, clinic flow, and days of operation to enhance accessibility for maximum client participation. Ensures that the sites is adequately staff during hours of operation by developing and coordinating clinic staff work schedule and/or initiating coverage requests from other clinic locations. Manages site inventories, secures and accounts for equipment and supplies. Prevents program fraud by ensuring security of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards and security of computer system. Investigates alleged program abuse by clients, issues appropriate corrective action when appropriate, which may include warning, suspension or repayment of benefits. Collaborates with community partners to improve client access to and satisfaction with WIC services. In coordination with the WIC Outreach Coordinator, make certain sites are represented in community outreach activities and events. Initiates work order requests to ensure work area and equipment are in working order and coordinates needs with facilities manager. Ensuring building security and services a key custodian. Directs implementation of assigned WIC COOP responsibilities and ensure that staff carries out required preparedness training and responsibilities.

Supervises professional and paraprofessional staff. Schedules and assigns work functions to ensure optimum delivery of customer services and nutrition education to participants. Recruits, selects and hires staff as needed. Schedules new employees for required training. Identifies staff training needs and ensures that on-the-job training is provided. Develops an education plan with each employee at the beginning of each evaluation period and ensures that plans are implemented. Discusses and documents performance expectations with staff at the beginning of the evaluation period and conducts performance interview and appraisal annually and at other appropriate times for employees. Identifies and documents areas for improvement and schedules employees for training as appropriate; recommends disciplinary actions or rewards/recognition as appropriate. Participates in providing professional development opportunities for division staff. Provides mentoring or coaching to build operational sustainability

Works with Breastfeeding Coordinator to organize, promote, and support breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding for WIC clients. Ensure breastfeeding activities including the PBCHD/ WIC Electric Breast Pump program for the Delray WIC site follows established protocols for lending, processing and disinfecting returned electric breast pumps. Responsible for tracking and keeping inventory of assigned electric breast pumps. Evaluates breastfeeding promotion and support activities at the site level to ensure effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Certifies eligible clients for the WIC Program and provides or arranges for required follow-up. Assesses high risk and medically high risk clients, identifies nutrition risks and develops a plan of care, applying VENA principles. Assists clients in establishing goals and provides individual nutrition counseling. Documents client contacts and services in appropriate records according to established standards. Interprets and disseminates current scientific information for target audiences.

Completes EARâs within 7 days of service, prepares and submits timesheets, cell phone invoices, and travel vouchers following established guidelines and deadlines. Collects, reviews, and reconciles EARs and timesheets for direct reports. Reviews and approves travel vouchers for staff.

Participates in development of the biennial WIC & Nutrition Program Plan and annual updates. Participates in the development and implementation of objectives and action plans for the nutrition education plan and monitors progress toward those goals. Participates in program and agency quality improvement activities. Conducts routine site-level monitoring and participates in program reviews. Evaluates and documents activities and services provided at regular intervals. Maintains records; prepares, submits and monitors reports as required per established deadlines.

Provides continuing education and consultation for WIC staff, CHD, dietetic interns, students and community agencies or organizations. Reviews and recommends references and resources for staff use. Participates in providing field experiences for nutrition students and interns. Participates in local and state professional staff meetings, special workshops and conferences as related to work as directed. Attends WIC management team meetings as scheduled. Represents the WIC at internal and interagency meetings. Serves on boards of community agencies as deemed appropriate. Attends required management meetings and actively participates on agency and division teams as appropriate. Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge, skills and abilities, including utilization of equipment, required for the position:

Knowledge of the science, principals, practices and application of normal and therapeutic nutrition throughout the lifecycle.

Knowledge of the policies, philosophy and procedures of the WIC Program

Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing

Ability to apply effective administrative and management techniques, including the ability to plan, organize, and the direct the work of subordinate staff

Ability to collect and analyze data, evaluate program performance in relation to both qualitative and quantitative standards,identify problem areas and recommend reasonable changes

Ability to adapt in changing circumstances and develop and implement creative solutions

Skill in utilizing personal computer and standard email, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications

Leadership skills

Licensure/registration/certification requirements (If applicable, list the appropriate Florida Statute or federal regulation cite):

Licensed as a Dietitian/Nutritionist in accordance with Chapter 468, Florida Statutes, or be eligible to practice dietetics in accordance with Chapter 21M, Section 48.001, 48.002, or 48.003, Florida Administrative Code

Employment Type

Full Time


Rosita Granados
Must apply online. For the most up-to-date information regarding which local WIC agencies are currently taking applications, job applicants should check the State of Florida job locator web site: Florida People First web site.

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[posted Aug 6, 2018]

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