Job: Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor

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Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor

Job Category

Public Health


Department of Health WIC Program
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Job Description and Requirements

Duties and Responsibilities:
This is a highly responsible Public Health Nutritionist Supervisor position requiring independent judgement. The incumbent in this position will be responsible for the direct supervision of operations and staff as assigned in WIC sites as well as providing nutrition assessment and counseling to WIC clients. This position is responsible for all supervisory duties including, but not limited to, hiring, developing performance plans, conducting performance appraisals, planning and directing employees job duties, schedules, and disciplinary action as appropriate. Work is performed under the supervision of the Public Health Nutritionist Consultant.

Responsible for all supervisory duties including, but not limited to, hiring and selection, developing performance plans, conducting performance appraisals, planning and directing their work, approving leave, and taking disciplinary action as appropriate. Incumbent is responsible for approving direct reportsâ timesheets, as well as supervising and counseling staff. Motivates employees to improve the quality and quantity of work performed. Plans workloads, work flows, work objectives and time utilization with employees. Evaluates direct reports performance through establishing performance indicators and conducting periodic performance reviews. This includes meeting with employees to ensure the established criteria are met. Trains employees in methods for performing an effective and efficient job. Communicates with employees both individually and in staff meetings. Direct the work of employees to ensure best use of time and resources.

This position is designated as a sensitive position and is required to maintain information in accordance with state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations, as well as of the Florida Department of Health in Broward County Policies, Protocols, and Procedures. This position has been delegated custodial authority for their Program/Unit's information set(s) and/or secured areas(s).

Directs and supervises operations and staff of the WIC Program at the clinic level. Monitors and ensures compliance with the WIC Program regulations as described in DHM 150-24. Ensures staff: Operate all anthropometric equipment essential to required duties. Calibrates, cleans, and maintains scales and length and height boards. Maintains calibration logs. Weighs and measures clients, using age appropriate equipment and procedures based on standardized practice and Center for Disease Control Guidelines. Records anthropometric data in the WIC computer system. Performs hemoglobin/hematocrit tests according to DOH, CLIA regulations and DHM 150-24. Disposes of blood contaminated materials in compliance with OSHA regulations. Performs hemoglobin/hematocrit testing according to procedures and guidelines of equipment being used. Calibrates, cleans, and sanitizes blood collection area. Records hemoglobin/hematocrit results in the WIC data system. Maintains any logs and reports necessary for job function. Maintains supplies and equipment for use in testing. Enters client data into the WIC Data System, FL-WISE; completes computer screens accurately; issues benefits, schedules clientâs appointments and issues special formula. Interviews clients for demographic, financial eligibility, medical data and nutrition history. Instruct participants, individually or in groups, on the redemptive process of WIC benefits, participant's rights and obligations and program procedures. Delivers low risk secondary nutrition contact to WIC clients following established procedure. Offers voter registration services to all WIC clients, in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act. Distributes and assists with completion of Voter Registration Applications. Keeps informed and implements all federal, state and local WIC policies and procedures. Performs check-in/registration duties according to local agency and state guidelines. Monitors and takes action to improve indicators and meet program goals. Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and discipline of assigned site staff. Responsible for site staff schedule ensuring adequate coverage for scheduled appointments. Maintains records and prepares, submits and monitors reports as requested per established deadlines. Provides individual and group nutrition assessment and education to high and low risk clients for the WIC Program. Assists clients in making client centered, measurable, and obtainable goals. Provides breastfeeding promotion, education and support to WIC clients. Responsible for documenting all client contacts in the WIC Data System. All work is performed following DHM 150-24 rules and regulations. Determines client eligibility following DHM 150-24 rules and regulations.

Performs anthropometric measurements and hematological testing for WIC clients following DHM 150-24 rules and regulations

Monitors and takes action to improve indicators and meet program goals. Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and discipline of assigned site staff. Responsible for site staff schedule ensuring adequate coverage for scheduled appointments. Ensures records and reports are maintained, prepared, submitted and monitored as requested per established guidelines and deadlines.

Performs the certification duties of the Public Health Nutritionist as needed.

Provides ongoing QA monitoring for all Nutrition staff at assigned site and provides verbal and written feedback.

Attends staff meetings, conferences, and workshops related to area of work. Completes leave, attendance, EARs, travel and other reports as required and according to established procedures.

Performs other related duties as necessary.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of the science and current practice of nutrition or dietetics.
Knowledge of the concepts and theories of nutrition or dietetics as it relates to growth, development, health or disease.
Knowledge of nutritional and dietary assessment techniques.
Ability to interpret anthropometric, biochemical, dietary and clinical data.
Ability to provide nutrition education to others.
Ability to develop educational plans and materials.
Ability to make nutritional assessments and develop nutrition care plans.
Ability to provide counseling and/or referral services to promote health and normal nutrition.
Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work activities.
Ability to prepare and maintain records and reports.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Minimum Qualifications

Possess a FL license as a Dietician/Nutritionist in accordance with chapter 468, Florida Statues, or are you eligible to practice dietetics in accordance with Chapter 64B8-40 to 45, Florida Administrative code.
Valid Florida driverâs license, free of major infractions and access to an automobile to be utilized for work purposes.
Abilities to work Saturdays, early mornings and evening hours as determined by program needs.
Preferred Qualifications

A minimum of 6 months experience working with FL-WiSE, WIC data system.

Employment Type

Full Time


Amy DiMeglio
Must apply online. For the most up-to-date information regarding which local WIC agencies are currently taking applications, job applicants should check the State of Florida job locator web site: Florida People First web site.

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[posted Jun 6, 2018]

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