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Metabolic Dietitian and Food Research Liaison

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Clinical Dietitian


National PKU News
Montclair, New Jersey 07043

Job Description and Requirements

National PKU News has served clinicians and families managing Phenylketonuria (PKU) for 30 years. Our current programs focus on providing resources to help affected individuals manage their diet in a way that is healthy, easy, affordable, and tasty. We provide an online diet-management system, HowMuchPhe.org, pocket reference books, college scholarship grants for those with PKU, and a low-protein recipe site. We require a dietitian with clinical experience in metabolics and PKU treatment as a key team member for all these projects. This is a part-time, remote-located role. The dietitian will report to the Executive Director. The selected candidate will:

- Estimate phe values to be published on HowMuchPhe.org (HMP) on an ad-hoc basis based on ingredients and unrounded protein.
- Monitor Facebook groups for new food requests & add to pipeline
- Manage food-data-request pipeline using Google Sheets & online database
- Assemble spreadsheets containing food data based on requests, including: Serving size, Weight, Calories, Labeled protein, Ingredients, URL & image
- Communicate with manufacturers to request data & establish relationship for PartnershipForPKU.org
- Update Facebook group when new foods are added or updated in HMP
- Assist in data review for Baby & Essentials Books updates
- Integrate new additions/updates to USDA database into HMP
- Coordinate with GMDI on each organization's database contents
- Develop & research data on seasonal products - ice cream truck foods, girl scout cookies, halloween & valentine candy
- Assist with Amino Acid Analysis project management & data review
- Coordinate with NSPKU on Amino Acid Analysis
- Contribute to 'Dietitian's corner' section on future relaunch of PKUNews.org web site (TBD)
- Travel to 2-3 conferences per year (GMDI, NPKUA, Abbott, ESPKU); participate as an exhibitor and/or presenter

Requirements: RD, PKU Clinical Experience, Use of Facebook, Google docs, and other online systems to maintain communication and data flow. FTE 0.50 with fixed hours two days per week as well as daily monitoring of Facebook communities & reporting emails. Remote work, any U.S. time zone.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience within organizational budget


Sarah Chamberlin, Executive Director
Please send resume and cover letter by email to info@pkunews.org.

[posted Feb 7, 2018]

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