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Food Program Coordinator

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The Hamlin School
San Francisco, California 94123

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The Hamlin School seeks a Food Program Coordinator to oversee key aspects of the schoolâs Food Program. This is an exciting opportunity to implement the schoolâs new Food Program values: Good Food, Diversity, Community, Learning and Simplicity.* This is a new position and we anticipate that the roles and responsibilities will be refined over the coming years. Therefore, we are especially interested in candidates who are proactive self-starters, creatively adaptive and flexible, and capable of building a program from the ground up.

Role Description
Food Culture Advocate:
Capable of being the public âfaceâ of the Hamlin Food Program; confident and enthusiastic leader who can authentically inspire and educate young girls about Hamlinâs Food Program values
â Engaging, friendly and community-oriented; highly collaborative, accountable, and effective working together with others to achieve a common goal
â Good communicator who can build a widely shared understanding of Food Program values and practices among all school employees, students and parents

Learning Leader:
â Educates students on all aspects of healthy food, including the entire process of sourcing, preparing, serving and eating food, with ability to make connections with other curricular studies
â Passionate about working developmentally with young girls; will be able to model curious engagement in learning about food (including nutrition, sourcing, preparation, etc.) to deepen girlâs understanding and knowledge, using the Food Program values as a foundation
â Can partner with Hamlin faculty in the development of classroom lessons that integrate with Food Program objectives; able to develop educational materials and design program curriculum

Program Liaison Between Hamlin and Food Service Provider:
â Self-starter who takes initiative, is organized, communicates clearly and effectively, and is comfortable having the responsibility of building a new program
â Capable of collaborating with Acre Gourmet to design and conduct experiential learning activities (could include kitchen classes, demonstrations, food tastings, helping to prepare meals, learning how to work with fresh, seasonal ingredients, etc.)
â Supports Acre Gourmet to ensure diversity of food offerings and create a high quality food experience for students, faculty and staff; works with Acre Gourmet and Hamlin Administration to develop ways for students to participate in Food Program meal and menu planning process

Specific Responsibilities
â Provide Food Program coordination of day-to-day operations in a way that advances the Schoolâs Food Program vision, values and objectives
â Be the primary connection between Hamlin School and Acre Gourmet; capable of providing daily ongoing support and feedback; provide opportunities for feedback and input into meal and menu planning
â Communicate food-related values and practices to all school employees, students and parents in a way that builds a Hamlin food and dining culture that is in alignment with

Food Program values
â Provide food-related instruction that supports the health and well-being of all Hamlin students, faculty and staff; develop and offer practices and other forms of support with a sensitivity to the needs of K-8 girls; design food-related educational opportunities for students, faculty/staff and families; develop educational materials and design program curriculum
â Expose students to new food experiences, while respecting each studentâs cultural, religious, ethnic and economic background, skills, and interests; be the point person for accommodation of students with allergies or other special needs
â Work within budget limitations and be efficient with resources; participate in budget development and resource planning processes relative to the Food Program
â Identify materials, resources, and technology needs for program; use appropriate technology tools and resources for instruction; assess program effectiveness using a variety of methods
â Create Food Program-related content (written, recorded, photographs, etc.) and update webpages and social media for all Food Program-related content

Desired Qualifications: Masterâs Degree in related field or equivalent in experience; experience working developmentally with children in a school or similar educational environment; experience working in a fast-paced food service environment.

GOOD FOOD: At Hamlin we love good food and believe that every one of our girls has a right to eat well. We think that good food is fresh, simple, delicious, nutritious and well-prepared. Our idea of good food places a high value on fresh, organically grown, local and seasonal. We are deeply committed to providing our students with good food because we believe in its transformational power on a young personâs developing body and mind. At the same time weâre honest about not being rigid in regards to any specific diet, as we see the benefits of providing our girls with a variety of options and the power to make their own choices.

DIVERSITY: There is perhaps nothing that expresses the fundamental truth of our human diversity more so than the food we eat. Everybody has a unique experience, with always changing likes and dislikes. When it comes to food, we acknowledge that Hamlin School is a community of people coming from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, social norms and experiences, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome in the lunchroom at Hamlin. It is through the diversity of our food program that we take an active role in the growth and maturity of our girls. It is here that we empower girls to make healthy choices with confidence, while also learning to appreciate the different experiences, needs and choices of others.

COMMUNITY: At Hamlin we love what we do and who we do it for; and weâre passionate about being in a community that helps us make a difference with our lives. Every member of our community inspires and energizes us as we gather each day to share a nourishing meal. Our food program is an

expression of the value we place on honestly meeting each other, caring for each other, and serving each other with love and respect. Thatâs why in our lunchroom we aim to create an environment that encourages friendship-building and cultivates kindness and compassion in the form of deepening relationships that can last a lifetime.

LEARNING: At Hamlin we see every moment as a moment to learn. In our programs we celebrate excellence and strive for constant improvement â both as individuals and as a learning organization. Our food program is no different. We are creating a food experience that is dynamic and passionate about offering our girls the opportunity to learn something new. Thatâs why we encourage our girls to be students in the lunchroom â curious to try new foods and open to developing new tastes. An environment of engaged and continuous learning will help our girls find inspiration through the food they encounter; building the foundation for a lifetime of memorable experiences cooking; eating and learning together with family and friends.

SIMPLICITY: At Hamlin we embrace the value of simplicity as a courageous response to an increasingly fast-paced, materialistic world. We will strive to make the experience of eating one that is as simple and uncomplicated as possible, while still offering variety and choice. A priority on simplicity allows us to focus on what is really important: sharing a healthy, delicious, well-prepared meal with our friends. The value of simplicity extends to every aspect of the food program and impacts the food we order, the menus we create, the preparation of the meals and the way they are served. Oftentimes the most effective solution is the simplest one, and that is why simple, straightforward and well-executed is a deeply held value.


Project Consultant, Robert Thomas
Please email Project Consultant, Robert Thomas, at pathofkindness@gmail.com, with cover letter and resume/cv.

[posted Jul 10, 2017]

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