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Executive Director

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Management and Administration


Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Severna Park, Maryland 21146

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description: Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Executive Director

Term of Office: Annual Contract Renewal/Independent Contractor

Reports to: MAND President

Average Hours Per Week: 16

Minimum Qualifications: RD/RDN/DTR preferred, but not required

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Act as resident expert for MAND's bylaws and policy and procedures. Executive Director will be present at MAND Board meetings should any questions or issues relating to these documents arise.

2. Maintain a central office at home for conducting specified services on behalf of MAND, including, but not limited to a phone and computer with internet connection, printer, and scanner.

3. Responsible for answering calls to the MAND office and regularly monitoring a business answering machine or service maintained by MAND. Executive Director shall check phone messages on a frequent and regular basis from Monday through Friday. Executive Director shall handle business from incoming calls in a timely manner within two business days. In the event that the Executive Director is on vacation or ill, she/he shall notify the MAND Secretary (and President), and the MAND Secretary will be given access to cover incoming calls. Executive Director must make special arrangements during periods of planned absences to have a MAND officer or board member assume these responsibilities as necessary.

4. Receive and answer or forward mail to the appropriate MAND officer or board member on a timely basis, within two business days of receipt of the communication. Executive Director will maintain both a United States mailing address and an email address for MAND correspondence. In the event that the Executive Director is on vacation or ill, she/he shall notify the MAND Secretary (and President), and the MAND Secretary who has been given access to email/mail shall cover for the Executive Director.

5. Responsible for typing, ordering supplies, printing and issuing labels, and mailing/emailing bulk information as needed. Also responsible for overseeing the electronic distribution of items such as the newsletter and ballots and will make provision to send hard copies of such items to members who request them.

6. Responsible for providing electronic and postal mailing lists received from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics per Board members request.

7. Maintain and update the MAND website, including event advertisements and job postings in a timely fashion. Will work with other board members to ensure website information is properly updated. Executive Director will send invoice to respective companies for job postings within a week.

8. Assist Editor of the Chesapeake Lines in preparing, editing, and ensuring the issues are completed and distributed on time.

9. Send notices and necessary reports for all upcoming MAND Executive Board meetings when received. Executive Director will coordinate site(s) for board meetings with input from the President and all set up, including food, conference call, etc. Executive Director will participate in board meeting and will provide a brief update of her previous month's activities as appropriate. Executive Director will post board minutes to MAND website unless otherwise indicated.

10. Attend all MAND Board Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings in person. Executive Director will take board meeting minutes if the Secretary is not available. If unable to be present at Board Meetings, Executive Director must make President aware of her/his absence.

11. Organize, conserve, and provide storage for all records and publications of MAND. Any paper records should be scanned and saved electronically.

12. Assist with record keeping and fundraising activities of Maryland Dietetic Association Foundation (MDAF).

13. Assist with the preparation and execution of the MAND Annual Meeting, State Legislative Interactive Workshop, and other MAND-sponsored events, including, but not limited to, online registration, developing nametags, coordinating contracts, arranging catering, printing documents, and sending out post-event evaluation and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certificates. When needed, the Executive Director will also visit venue sites for future event locations and work with the assigned Board member on upholding the contract and payment obligations of that venue.

14. Act as Maryland affiliate reviewer for the Commission on Dietetic Registration's (CDR) database system for approval of CPE activities. Executive Director will personally submit to CDR to obtain approval for any MAND-sponsored events.

15. Assist the Treasurer in maintain the fiscal records and in carrying out other budget-related tasks, including, but not limited to scanning pertinent documents, sending out monthly financial report, and depositing checks.

16. Provide the Nominating Committee the report of duly elected officers and the numerical results of the election.

17. The Executive Director will attend promotional events and assist MAND member(s) in exhibiting a booth and/or networking as needed.

18. When a MAND member is unavailable and per MAND Board approval, the Executive Director will provide oral testimony on legislation and/or regulation in front of appropriate agency or Maryland General Assembly.

19. Assist in maintaining contracts and monitoring that contract deliverables are met (i.e. for vendors, sponsors, speakers, lobbyist, and others).

20. When assigned, assist MAND member(s) in applying for opportunities such as grants, awards, media appearances, and event exhibits.

21. Build relationships with other professional organizations, major nutrition and dietetics businesses, and elected officials.


Megan Larson
Please email cover letter and resume to ManagementChair@eatwellmd.org

[posted Feb 13, 2017]

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