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Director of Nutrition

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Management and Administration


Community Renewal Team
Hartford, Connecticut 06120

Job Description and Requirements


This position reports to the Vice President of Senior Services and is responsible for administering the nutrition and all food-related programs for the agency. The Director develops, manages and oversees grants with a multimillion dollar budget and works with a team of approximately 70 individuals. This includes the oversight of the transportation and delivery network to distribute the meals produced throughout Hartford and Middlesex counties.

The Director is responsible for the operations and sanitation of a large-scale commercial kitchen providing meals to clients and locations throughout Hartford and Middlesex Counties. The Director supervises a Registered Dietician who develops menus which insure meals include modified and therapeutic diets for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner based the appropriate nutritional needs of children, elders, and adolescents with consideration of physicians orders.

The Director is also will be responsible for developing additional ways the agency can further support the community. This individual is responsible for fostering a strong operational staff while developing new business opportunities, which diversify and expand programs. This effort is through nurturing collaborative relationships with local organizations and funders and implementing new programs. The focus of future growth of our current programs and the starting new ventures is to more fully utilize current resources and provide even greater impact on the community.



The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

⢠Responsible for the development and coordination of programs to serve the regions elderly population, placing an emphasis on the needs of Nutrition program clientele.
⢠Identify new opportunities to expand current programs and develop new program which have a high impact on the community served.
⢠Responsible for preparation of the annual plan, budget, and application related to all Nutrition and food-related programs. This entails analysis of need, prioritization and responsiveness to low income and minority elderly, analysis of alternative sites, negotiations with host agencies and providers of supportive services. Reviews achievement of annual plan objectives and makes necessary corrections.
⢠Seeks additional resource contributions to the program to meet participantsâ needs. Participates in advocacy efforts (State and federal level) related to funding for nutrition programs (e.g. ENP).
⢠Provide liaison services between CRT and other Federal, State and local governments, public and private entities regarding Nutrition program matters.
⢠Coordinates with the Area Agency on Aging in development of the program plans and applications.
⢠Ensures regulations of programs and funders are met (e.g. CT Home Care Program for Elders).
⢠Organizes and manages a system that ensures that all products and services provided are of high quality and meet the needs of the populations served. For example, the timely preparation and delivery of the correct number and types of meals to congregate sites and homebound clients.
⢠Establishes and monitors ongoing methods for evaluating program functions and continuously adjusts procedures to enhance the quality of services delivered. Directs a system for monitoring meal service to ensure meals are appetizing, nutritious, safe, sanitary and consumed.
⢠Oversees the ordering of raw foods and paper supplies for food production facilityâwhich focus on high quality and cost savings.
⢠Organizes a system for raw food purchases, equipment, storage, and cost control. Prepares yearly bids for groceries, bread, dairy and paper products.
⢠Supervises the fiscal management of the various nutrition grants and agreements (e.g. Child and Adult Care Food Program, Summer Food Program and catering).
⢠Directs the submittal of bid proposals for catering contracts (i.e. adult day care, charter schools, summer lunch programs).
⢠Expedites the optimum use of USDA commodities for ENP program and ensures all cost saving measures are monitored closely (e.g. utilizing rebate programs).
⢠Ensures department equipment is well-maintained and preventative maintenance schedules are developed and consistently followed.
⢠Organizes and directs systems for collecting and generating data in food production and delivery operations, quality assure monitoring tasks, overall program assessments to ensure all necessary and appropriate information is accurately gathered for reporting.
⢠Prepares and/or directs the preparation of reports required by the grantee agencies, Area Agencies, and the State and Federal governments.
⢠Prepare timely and accurate reports for funding sources as well as reports for review by the Vice President of Senior Services and the agency overall.
⢠Ensure staff development and appropriate training to meet requirements of contract deliverables, applicable program regulations and overall quality standards.
⢠Provides positive visionary leadership for the Nutrition Department and directly supervises the management with oversight of all Nutrition staff. Ensures oversight of non-agency staff in cases where other agencies donate or provide staff to the program. Ensures supervision responsibilities clarified through inter-agency agreements.
⢠Oversees staff relations in areas of staff evaluations, progressive discipline and make personnel recommendations as necessary.


⢠Supports and coordinates agency-wide initiatives as directed.
⢠Work with all CRT departments as to enhance collaborations (e.g. Facilities Department).
⢠Demonstrates excellent attendance to model the standard for the team. Accepts alternative work schedule to meet the programsâ needs.
⢠Initiate and participate in special community-wide collaborations, agency wide events (e.g. special gatherings) to set positive examples for the Department staff.
⢠Perform all other duties as assigned.


⢠A Masterâs Degree, preferred, in Food & Nutrition, Food Service Administration or Food Management, or related field, with five (5) years of experience in operating a large food service facility (e.g. hospital or large nursing home organization). A Bachelor Degree with extensive experience in related field considered.
⢠Possesses a current state-issued driverâs license in good standing required.
⢠Registered Dietitian preferred and QFO required.
⢠Comprehensive understanding and/or experience working with the senior population.
⢠Demonstrated knowledge of the Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965 required.
⢠Proven track record of sound financial management and growth.
⢠Demonstrated ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain quality staff and work effectively with senior leadership.
⢠Demonstrated success developing and evaluating program models, and selecting and successfully operationalizing innovative programs
⢠Proficient in using technology as a management reporting tool and experience working with information technology staff to develop and implement program evaluation systems
⢠Excellent communication and coalition building skills with an ability to balance, negotiate, and work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders; high level of knowledge and understanding, especially as it relates to program replication, connecting programs to funding, creatively generating other resources, and building strategic partnerships.
⢠Strong management skills, with an ability to manage diverse operations, effectively multi-task and exhibits a style which encourages creativity, growth, collaboration, problem solving, open communication and accountability.
⢠Ability to work with diverse, multicultural population. Strong ability to communicate in written and oral form. Bilingual preferred.


Chelsea Moore


[posted Jul 24, 2017]

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