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Clinical Dietitian


Special Communications, LLC
Gainesville, Florida 32635

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Unique position as one of four Dietitians serving 340 adults with developmental disabilities on a large residential campus in Gainesville, FL. As part of our team, you would make recommendations to physicians, write quarterly and annual assessments, and you would
monitor meals, snacks, tube feeding, weights and labs data. You would attend monthly team meetings on the homes as well as annual meetings for each person. Your individual caseload would be about 8 homes with a total of 90-95 people. People living on center are long term, many having lived on campus for 10 or more years. The goal of our center is to help people become as independent, happy and healthy as possible. Dietitians play an important role.

The center is large and quite pretty. It lends itself to walking between your homes, or riding bikes. The atmosphere is nice, the dietitians have beautiful offices. A couple of the Dietitians have been here a very long time. As a Dietitian on center, you can choose your own approach - one loves to spend her whole day on her homes, others prefer to monitor and attend meetings, but spend the rest of their time working from the Nutrition Services office. It's up to you. Thanks for checking out our advertisement!

We offer a nice salary with full benefits. We do not work weekends or holidays and have a total of 35 days off per year (7 weeks.) Please call us for more detailed information - we'd love to tell you about the center.

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Full Time


Margaret Crowley
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[posted Jun 16, 2018]

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