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Associate Specialist (Post-doc)

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UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720

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An associate specialist (post-doctoral) position is available in the laboratory of Sona Kang at the department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology at UC Berkeley. Our research program focuses on transcriptional and epigenetic basis of metabolic dysregulations, in particular, obesity and type 2 diabetes. We seek to identify the core transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms underlying the conditions, validate the physiological significance, and to develop therapeutic interventions. We apply multiple traditional wet lab techniques global profiling studies as well as genetic mouse models.⨠We are looking for self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented, and collaborative applicants who can work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Applicants should have an expertise in one of the following areas: molecular and cell biology or in vivo studies using mouse models. The successful candidate will lead project(s) requiring technical expertise such as metabolic characterization of mouse models, cell culture studies, and/or biochemical studies.

Interested applicants should directly e-mail Dr. Sona Kang at sonakanglab@gmail.com a single PDF file that includes CV.


Sona Kang

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[posted Feb 6, 2017]

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