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(Wellness Dietitian) Nutrition Coordinator

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Wake Forest Baptist Health
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157

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Job Description and Requirements

Job Code:8099

Nutrition Coordinator


Department: ActionHealth 803150

Reports to: Gretchen Bayne, Manager of Wellness Programs


Job Summary:
This individual functions as an active member of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center employeeâs health care team by interpreting and transcribing physicianâs dietary prescriptions in addition to other health concerns of the employee into information that is easily understood. The dietitian will be active in nutritional intervention, evaluation of nutritional status, and the development/implementation of nutritional care plans; nutrition education programs for ActionHealth, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center personnel; and in the documentation of these activities.

This position is responsible for designing educational programs, assisting in data collection, establishing protocol and reviewing nutrition/wellness programs for all employees of the Medical Center. The Nutrition Coordinator trains Health Promotion Coordinator, Wellness Data Portal Coordinator, Health Coach, and other staff as added in the department to best serve employees needing medical nutrition therapy. The dietitian will design programs and set protocol in order to appropriately train staff.

In addition, the dietitian will be responsible for meeting with the ActionHealth team to schedule and assist in coverage of program requests. In this manner, the dietitian must be willing to cross train in other wellness-related areas.

Primary Accountabilities:

1. Adheres to the general hospital standards to promote a cooperative work environment by utilizing communication skills, interpersonal relationships and team building.
⢠Following hospital policies and procedures.
⢠Following departmental policies and procedures.
⢠Contributing to the overall quality of services.
⢠Assuming responsibility for keeping informed about changes in policies and procedures.

2. Collaborates regularly with the Weight Management Center, Joslyn Diabetes Center, Heart Center and other departments.
⢠Assuring employees are connected throughout the Medical Center to receive appropriate care and programs.

3. Collects and interprets data on program offerings.
⢠Assuring tabulations of utilization and evaluations are timely and thoroughly documented.
⢠Assist in data collection from health risk appraisals.
⢠Formulating individualized programs based on HRA.
⢠Adjusting programs as necessary per suggestions, evaluations and recommendations.

4. Provides screening services.
⢠Utilizing screening devices.
⢠Interpreting results of screening.
⢠Consulting with client regarding results and actions to take.
⢠Arranging outside services as necessary.

5. Guides the nutritional care of the employees to best promote good nutrition and provide optimum nutrition care and education.
⢠Competently assessing nutritional needs of all Medical Center employee populations.
⢠Developing, implementing, and re-evaluating nutrition care plan.
⢠Guiding the evaluation, selection, development and adoption of nutrition education materials.

6. Guides ActionHealth in nutrition programming to assure proper care according to scientific research and public health guidelines.
⢠Providing nutrition updates regularly to ActionHealth staff.
⢠Explaining requirements for screening and primary nutrition assessments.

7. Maintaining professional competency:
⢠Meeting continuing education requirements of the American Dietetic Association and the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition.

8. Provides nutritional counselling.
⢠Meets with employees one-on-one to assist them as needed with their nutrition goals.
⢠Provides group sessions on various nutrition topics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, healthy eating, etc.

9. Healthy Food Initiative Task Force
⢠Guides the task force and helps set nutrition goals and steps to accomplish them for the Medical Center.
⢠Offers assistance to the Café for Mindful sampling, etc.

10. Ensuring age/developmentally appropriate patient care in accordance with Age-Specific Care Guidelines for the specific age groups served.


Gretchen Bayne

336-713-8002 [tel]

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[posted Sep 29, 2017]

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