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Welcome Employers. NutritionJobs is the go-to job resource for Dietitians and Nutritionists since 2000. NutritionJobs is consistently one of the highest ranked job boards for Dietitians, hosting over 12,000 Registered Users and over 7000 resumes from qualified nutrition job candidates.

With NutritionJobs, we have tools that make finding the right Dietitian or Nutritionist candidate simple. You can manage all aspects of your job posting, including tracking the number of previews your job receives, editing your live posting, hiding your posting before it expires, pre-filling option from a previous posting. Receive email notification of resumes that meet your candidate search criteria. Promote premium Dietitian and Nutritionist job openings with special NutritionJobs services, including Featured Hot Job postings, banner advertising, e-newsletter sponsorships, or e-blasts.

Target your search for Dietitians, Nutritionist and dietetic professionals today.

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