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Work-From-Home Dietetic Jobs

Work-From-Home Dietetic Jobs

Working remotely has many benefits such as avoiding the commute, working in your pajamas, and managing your own time accordingly. Dietitians who work from home need to have focus and discipline in order to stay on task, not get distracted, and keep up with job deadlines. There are many opportunities for dietitians to work in the comfort of their own home.


Here are 8 work-from-home dietetic jobs.

1. Virtual Nutrition Coach. Remote wellness coaching is a reimbursable benefit by most insurance companies. Dietitians can work from home and counsel clients online or by phone. In addition to private coaching, many app companies are hiring dietitians for virtual coaching services to coincide with the apps’ features. Here is your guide to virtual counseling.


2. Freelance Writer. Become a writer for magazines, online publications, or websites. Companies are also hiring dietitians to write content for their products, websites, and other print media. You can even write for yourself by writing a book or cookbook. More tips on how to get dietetic writing jobs.


3. Blogs can make lots of money and be a full-time job. Start your own blog or work for someone else’s. Many successful bloggers hire content writers and other people to assist with production, too. Start your blog today with these tips.


4. Recipe Developer. Cooking delicious recipes daily can be the norm if you are a recipe developer. Work for a product/company you enjoy consuming so you can make tasty delights all day long.


5. Food Photographer/Stylist. Yes – people do get paid for food photography. Here are some tips on food photography for the amateur.


6. Social Media Manager. Social media is essential for business. Companies are hiring dietitians to provide content for their social media platforms. In addition, dietitians are hiring other dietitians to run their own branded social media sites.


7. PR/Marketing and Media Relations. Manage the information of an individual or an organization by promoting their key messaging to the public. Sometimes, you may have to go out into the field, but most of the work can be done from home. Learn how to get a job in PR.


8. Online Professor or Educator. An online educator or professor can teach from anywhere. Develop the syllabus, teach the lessons, and grade the assignments all from one’s own home. Here are more tips on how to get a job as an online educator.


Start your day and end your day in the location you desire to be in. Wherever you decide to work remotely is your choice. With these job opportunities, you have the freedom to roam where you want to.

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