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Unique Dietetic Career Paths

Unique Dietetic Career Paths

Dietetic job opportunities are more than just clinical, community, or counseling in private practice. Check out these unique dietetic career paths from fellow dietitians. We share how they started their jobs and what they love most about them.


JOB: Product Development & Founder of a Food Company

David Ingalls, MS, RD, CEO and co-founder of Zing Bars, Twitter: @zingbars

How did you start your job?Nutrition has had a profound impact on my life, fixing the chronic fatigue I had in my 20’s. Wholesome nutrition benefits everyone at any age and activity level. I co-created Zing Bars as an easy and tasty way to incorporate good nutrition into people’s everyday lives. As an RDN in private practice at the time, I couldn’t find a bar for my patients that “did it all.” Zing Bars was the answer to that problem, a source of vitality to help people get through their busy day!

What is the best part about your job?What I love most is hearing from other RDNs that they’re happy to support a product created and developed by dietitians. That is rewarding, humbling, and validating. For this reason, I also enjoy giving back to the dietetics profession via the annual Zing Nutrition Grant, in which our company strives to support RDNs with various business opportunities.


JOB: Nutrition & Technology

Minh Nguyen, MS, RD, Nutrition Outreach Lead at EatLove, Twitter:@eatloveis(work) @gastroexplorer(personal)

How did you start your job?Moving to San Francisco, I was convinced I had to work in tech, but I still wanted to utilize my dietitian background and education. I’m fortunate to have found a job that blends the two so seamlessly.

What is the best part about your job? The opportunity to continually grow and develop professionally. Learning new skills weekly!


JOB: Business & Life Coach for Dietitians

Chere Bork, MS, RDN, Founder ofSavor Your Life Today, Inc., Twitter: @cherebork

How did you start your job?In 2000, I got into life coaching when I realized it was not what people were eating as what was eating them. I found myself talking more to clients about their relationships with themselves and their spouses than with food. One time, a grocery store RDN was not happy with her job and hired me. My sweet spot has been coaching RDNs ever since! I cannot believe I get paid to do what I love. I want RDNs to know people are sitting on their wallets to pay them but you’ve got to be happy to attract that.

What is the best part about your job?I get to love up dietitians. I help them get unstuck, get rid of what bugs them, and instead, attract happiness and success. I help them discover their true self and follow their passions, try new things, and take risks. The most important work in the world is to work on our happy. When you love your life, it loves you back.


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