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Tips from Employers for Successful Job Hunting

Who better than your future employer to give you tips on how to create a successful resume and secure that all-important interview. Here are some tips from recruiters in the health and nutrition fields.

Make it Personal
Your resume is not an application for, nor is just a chronological list of jobs you’ve had leading up to today. Your resume is your one and only opportunity to express who YOU are to a potential employer. Customize it to your objectives and to a potential employer’s needs. You may have to tweak it a bit for each job opportunity, but the time investment will pay off in the end.

Be an Attention Grabber!
Design you resume wellÉin terms of form and content. Employers and recruiters make snap decisions when they glance at a resume. Make sure relevant skills, work experience, and education are clear and present.

Use Power Words
Don’t undersell your achievements by using watered-down descriptors. I hate to see bland words used to describe actions.

Check out the difference words can make

Gave work assignments to staff of five Directed workflow for staff of five
Used filing system Implemented color-coded filing system
Made extra money by… Generated additional revenue…

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