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Procrastination and Your Resume

One of the most savvy career tips from professional recruiters is to be prepared for the job hunt. That means having your resume up to date and ready to send to your dream employer in under a day! But procrastination can get in the way of your success. Here are tips to get your resume in top shape.

The thought of trying to summarize your talents and experience in bullet points is enough to inspire you to sort out your sock drawer instead. It’s no wonder we procrastinate. But the cold hard truth is you never know when your dream job is going to become available and the perfect employer is knocking on your door, requesting your resume. Not having a resume ready to send is a major pet peeve of many recruiters we’ve spoken with.

Here’s a novel approach to getting (and keeping) your resume updated: structured procrastination. The brainchild of Stanford University philosophy professor John Perry, structured procrastination involves doing small, low-priority tasks to build a sense of accomplishment and the energy to tackle more important jobs. We’ll make it even easier for you!

1. Breakdown a large task into several smaller ones Instead of trying to update my resume in one sitting, I will work on one section at a time: objectives, experience, skills, speaking engagements, publications, awards.

2. Set goals I will work on one section a week for 30 minutes a day.

3. Be energy efficient We all know that cognitive energy peaks vary throughout the day. Be sure to tackle difficult tasks at the time of day when your energy is highest. For most people that’s around 10am.

4. Reward Yourself This not part of John Perry’s philosophy, but it’s part of ours! When you meet your goal for the week, treat yourself to a non-fat latte.

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