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Tips To Maintaining Relationships After The Networking Event


Tips To Maintaining Relationships After The Networking Event

FNCE is over and I met so many amazing people! And learned so much about the career paths dietetic professionals are taking. The networking events were outstanding and a lot of new relationships were made. Now that all the excitement has died down, what does one do with the stack of business cards they accumulated? Regardless if you attended FNCE or not, following up with people after any networking event is a necessity. The follow-up after the event is just as important as the actual networking moment in order to maintain the relationships you established and have people remember you.

Tip #1: Send A Follow-Up Email. Send an email to each person you connected with. People will remember you when you send a personalized note. Include a portion of the conversation in the customized email to help them remember what you discussed.

Tip #2: Connect With People Via Social Media. Social media is a great way to stay connected on a consistent basis. Depending on the relationship you want to maintain with your networking contacts, use various social media venues. LinkedIn is great for professional contacts, then Twitter, and Facebook as appropriate.

Tip #3: Follow-Up In Another 30 Days. Stay connected by commenting on their blogs, social media posts, and interacting as regularly as possible. A relationship is built over time and not just a one-shot moment.

Tip #4: Get Together Again. If the people live near you, try to set a date/time to meet again for coffee or lunch. The more you know someone, the more you can establish strong relationships.

Remember, not everyone will want to maintain connections after the networking event. It’s OK if people don’t respond. Follow-up is necessary to truly stay connected. Don’t just let those business cards collect dust! Next year at FNCE, I want to see all my new connections again! Did you send your follow-up emails, yet? I did!


 – Originally Published on: Nov 1, 2013
 – Updated on Oct 22, 2015

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