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The Importance of Public Relations and How to Get a PR Job



The Importance of Public Relations and How to Get a PR Job


Building relationships to promote the benefits and reputation of yourself and your company is the basis of public relations (PR). PR is all about communicating your message to build a community and gain supporters. The more effective PR you do, the more presence you will have in your industry, community, and the media. Therefore, PR is very important in enhancing your expertise and optimizing your voice. NutritionJobs reached out to some of the top dietitians in the PR niche to get their expert advice on how to get a job within the PR industry. Here’s what they had to say.

How to get a job as a public relations dietitian:


1. Get Experience. “Look into internships with major PR agencies. It’s a great way to get a taste for the PR industry to see if you like it, while also learning invaluable skills which are transferable to many other industries,” advises Abigail Kinnear, RDN, marketing associate at siggi’s dairy.


2. Demonstrate Your Skills. “Demonstrate that you not only have the nutrition expertise but that you have the skills and passion for communications,” explains Ilene V. Smith, MS, RDN, public relations consultant and principal of I ON FOOD. “Show that you have experience writing or working with the media – two skills essential for PR professionals.”


3. Define Your Worth. “Understand what you can bring to the table. Don’t forget that when you’re meeting with a firm for the first time, agency recruiters may not understand how your skill set fits in with public relations. You will need to sell yourself and your expertise,” informs Smith.


4. “As with any job interview, do thorough research on the company you are applying to,” recommends Kinnear. Knowing who you want to work for and what they stand for will help you have a better knowledge during the interview process of how you can enhance their organization with your skills.


Remember, working for a PR firm can be challenging, too. Kinnear notes that long hours often come into play. Smith also states that billing and accounting work take up a lot of time. However, this is an “important part of understanding the business of PR and also teaches you how to be an effective business person overall,” remarks Smith.

Overall, the benefits of working in a PR firm are enormous. “You are surrounded by so many creative people. The constant stimulation of thinking of new ways to do things helps spur your own creativity,” describes Smith. Time to go out. Get experience. And optimize your level of communication with the public.

Sarah Koszyk is founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and blog focusing on recipes, family health tips, and videos with kids cooking in the kitchen. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach specializing in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

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