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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Dietetic Internship Process

Dietetic Internships


General Tips

Interviewing with Dietetic Internship Directors

  • When arranging your interview appointment, ask about the interview process and what can be expected. Ask if it will be helpful for you to know if you will be asked work experience questions, nutrition questions, food service questions. Ask if you will be expected to provide a written or web examples or your work.
  • See our Interview Guidelines and our suggestions onProfessional Portfolios
  • If your interview is in person, dress professionally, be on time, and bring your professional portfolio.
  • If it is a telephone interview, make sure you have a quiet, comfortable place to sit during the interview. Lay out your talking points, the contents of your professional portfolio and answers to sample interview questions you have already prepared to keep you on point and focused.

Computer Matching

  • Most ADA Dietetic Internships select applicants for appointments through a computer matching process using D&D Digital Systems. This process occurs twice a year, in the Spring (appointments are made in April) and in the Fall (appointments are made in November). DI programs participate in either the April or November match, and some participate in both. You must register for Computer Matching at least 2 months prior to matching. A registration fee of $50.00 is required for Computer Matching.
  • D&D Digital Systems website
  • Future Matching Dates

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