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Prepare for these 4 Interview Questions

There are so many interview questions that you can anticipate and prepare for, but here are 3 behavioral interview questions you should have down pat for every interview opportunity. Practice your response to the following questions on paper and then stand in front of a mirror or talk into a recording devise while looking at yourself  (or a with a friend) and verbally recite your response. You’ve got this! – Stacey


Question #1
Tell me about a successful project you worked on.

This is a classic behavioral question that helps the employer learn about how you approached a task at a past company. Be prepared to have a few examples in mind at the ready.


Question #2
Tell me about a time in your professional life when you failed or something went wrong. Walk me through what happened and then tell me what you did to either resolve it or what you wish you had done differently.

This question is similar to Question #1 in that they are looking to hear how you articulate and learned from your experience.


Question #3
When you picture your best qualities, what are they and how are they demonstrated in the workplace?
This question is a great way to assess how self-aware you are, how articulate you are about a potentially tricky question, and how you might express your emotional intelligence.


Question #4
What was your favorite job and why?

The employer is looking for you to light up here — they want to know that you can feel passionate about your work.


Good luck!

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