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New Job Opportunities For Private Practice Dietitians

New Job Opportunities For Private Practice Dietitians


Private practice for dietitians isn’t just about having an office anymore to counsel or coach clients. Private practice insinuates that one works for his/her self in a practice. This practice can have multiple job ventures and options beyond just the standard counseling services. Here are some different opportunities for private practice dietitians to get that extra paycheck while enjoying a flexible, self-made schedule.


1. Spokesperson. Companies look for dietitians to promote and represent their products and this is a great way to make an income. Research the companies you believe in and trust. Reach out to their PR department in order to find out how you can get involved. Send an email introduction and offer your services.


2. Sports Dietitian. Many sports teams have a dietitian on staff. Look at the teams you enjoy whether it is professional, collegiate, or high school. Pitch them the value of having a dietitian on staff to optimize and enhance their players’ performances.


3. Diabetes Educator. Diabetes care is covered through insurance. Network with doctor offices or outpatient services to provide the patients with classes or special programs you designed.


4. Cook/Chef. Not only can you make meal plans for your clients, you can make actual real meals. Either deliver the meals or cook for them directly in their homes.


5. Grocery Store Tours. Many grocery stores have hired dietitians to help their customers navigate the aisles from reading food labels to buying products to make a healthy meal. This is a great way to help clients set up a weekly meal plan.


6. Pediatrics. This market is huge when it comes to private practice. Whether you want to focus on counseling the kids, providing recipes for entire families, teaching families how to eat healthy, or conducting cooking classes with the youth, you have a plethora of options.


7. Author/Writer. Write for a magazine, blog, newsletter, or be a ghost writer. You can get paid for the word count or for the project. Check out another article on Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Print Pitch.


8. Speaker. Presentations to corporations, businesses, and conferences can all provide a paycheck. Start speaking locally with groups or organizations and you can work your way up to national speaking gigs. Here is an article on Speaking 101: How to Capture Any Audience.


9. Public Relations Consultant. Be an advisor by developing and presenting food communications through various media outlets. Many companies now have dietitians on staff who assist with their PR. You can make consumer education or media materials. Or get other dietitians to help promote the product you are representing, too. How to Get a PR Job.


10. Social Media Manager. Most companies use social media to promote their products and services. Share your nutrition knowledge and expertise through their social media outlets. Using technology to reach the masses is a great way to get the message across.


11. Food Photographer. Photos help sell products. Whether you have a blog or develop recipes for companies, your photos can enhance your work. Many dietitians now incorporate their own food photography into their practice.


Regardless of what area you decide to delve into, the realm of private practice is wide open for multiple opportunities full of abundance and wealth.


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