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New Career Paths for Dietetic Technicians Registered

New Career Paths for Dietetic Technicians Registered (DTR)

Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR), have many new job opportunities on the horizon. Companies are realizing the importance of a nutrition professional joining their team to enhance their company’s health and wellness. Here are 7 exciting career paths for the DTR.


1. Spokesperson: DTRs can represent a company’s products and discuss the benefits of using the brand. Reach out to specific companies you believe in to inform them of your services as a consultant and spokesperson for their brand enhancement. This can include going to trade shows, public relations, and more.

2. Influencer: Become a social media influencer by establishing a strong following on a specific social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Think about your mission, values, and goals in order to develop a strong brand and voice. Use your blog to leverage your messaging and platform.

3. Food Photographer/Stylist: A photo can capture a person’s attention and make them want to try the recipe. Food photography is huge. Learn how to snap that camera lens and take a mouthwatering shot.

4. Recipe Development: Develop, taste, and test recipes. This can also include food cost modeling and nutrient analysis. Some of these positions may even assist the food photographer for styling the food after it is tested.

5. Start-Ups: Tech companies focusing on health and wellness are hiring health professionals including both dietitians and DTRs to assist with content and product development for their new apps and technologies.

6. Private Practice: DTRs are starting their private nutrition consulting practices. The practice can consist of doing nutrition projects with other companies, performing in supervisory roles, or conducting nutrition coaching and education.

7. Virtual Nutrition Coach: There is an app for that and nutrition apps are hiring DTRs to do virtual coaching for their users. Virtual coaching can include reviewing food journals, coaching clients, developing educational modules and materials, and more.


Think outside of the box when it comes to your career path as a DTR. Many new opportunities are rising and you can develop your future, untraditional dream job.

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