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Tips to Land Public Speaking Gigs

Public speaking gigs are a great way to promote your expertise, get some publicity for your organization or practice, and potentially earn extra income. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Get Experience. Land as many speaking gigs as possible. Speak for free to start out with. When you are overbooked with free speaking gigs, you can begin to charge fees for speaking.
  • When you are developing a speaking topic, do a few “trial” runs at your gym, YMCA, library, school, community center or local organization that supports health and nutrition and has the appropriate facilities and means to draw a crowd.
  • Make sure and get feedback from people who invite you to speak. If possible, get a written testimonial. Also, consider handing out short “How Did I Do?” cards to the audience.
  • Write some articles on your favorite speaking topics and try to get them published in industry and local publications. Be sure and request that your bio promotes you as a speaker on these topics!
  • Keep a running list of topics that catch your eye, and donĂ•t be shy about floating them around to see if you get any interest. Add a tagline about your speaking career to your email signature to get the word out.

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