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How To Get Dietetic Writing Jobs

Solid writing skills can benefit any career by enhancing your communication. In addition, savvy writing skills can also result in paid writing gigs. Paid writing opportunities include (and are not limited to) writing for an online or print magazine, newsletter, or journal. Here are some tips on how to get paid professional dietetic writing jobs.


Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, a dietitian in Jersey City, NJ, and co-creator of the Master the Media e-course informs, “Begin by building up your writing portfolio. If you don’t have a blog, start one. You can also offer to write guest blog posts for nutrition blogs you love, as well as local publications. Although you’ll likely need to do a number of freebie writing gigs to build up your portfolio, this will allow you to share some stellar writing examples with an editor for a publication that does pay. Include these samples with your pitch. Then you are on your way to getting paid.”


Once you have started your writing portfolio, Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, Nutrition Communications Consultant at Shaw’s Simple Swaps, Fertility Nutrition Expert at, and co-author of Fertility Foods, shares her recommendations. “If you feel confident in your writing and have done your share of ‘building your skills’ with complimentary posts, then it’s time to start generating a little cash flow. Pose the opportunity to contribute your nutrition knowledge as an investment instead of simply asking for money. I find that carefully crafting your words to show not only your expertise, but why this would be an excellent opportunity for their company and how your writing would benefit their readers, is crucial.”


In addition, networking can result in getting paid writing gigs. Who you know matters when it comes to connecting with an editor or agent. Attending events with fellow bloggers, writers, and editorial staff members can be an opportunity to meet people so that if an opening arises for an article, they can reach out to you to write it.


The bottom line is:
1. Build your portfolio by starting a blog and/or writing guest posts for other blogs and local publications.

2. Pitch your story to the publication house as being an investment of nutrition knowledge and show them how your story can benefit the company and the readers.

3. Network. Network. The more people you know, the more opportunities can come your way.


Interested in sharing your relevant pitch with us? Reach out and send it over. We love hearing from our readers and building job opportunities.

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