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How To Enhance Your Dietetic Career As An Academy Spokesperson

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How To Enhance Your Dietetic Career As An Academy Spokesperson


Interested in developing media skills to enhance your career and become an effective communicator? Are you ready to serve your profession and share your voice with the nation? Becoming a spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will allow you to achieve all these dreams and goals. In addition, you can gain new networking opportunities and pave your way for more media appearances while building your professional platform.


NutritionJobs caught up with three Academy spokespeople and here is what they shared with us on how to enhance your dietetic career as an Academy spokesperson. – Sarah


Benefits of a Spokesperson:

  • Networking & Media Connections. Sarah Krieger, MPH, RDN, LDN, Academy spokesperson and media communications specialist, enjoys networking and making media connections at the highest level in the dietetic profession.


  • Massive Representation. Joan Salge Blake, MS, RDN, LDN, Academy spokesperson and clinical associate professor at Boston University, notes providing the public and Academy members with accurate, timely, and useful nutrition information while representing the largest nutrition professional organization in the world is a huge advantage.


  • Customized Nutrition Messages to Millions. Jim White, RDN, ACSM-HFS, Academy spokesperson and owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, adds the opportunity to craft nutrition messages to millions while aligning with and representing an organization he trusts and believes in is a giant plus.


  • Elite Media Training: All spokespeople go through vigorous media training which can be applied to one’s personal career. White used his media training to master radio, TV, and print interviews.


  • Future Career Growth. In addition to honing her media communication skills, Blake has refined her nutrition communication skills. Krieger has had additional leadership opportunities and job promotions since being a spokesperson.


Traits of a Spokesperson:

  • White suggests integrity as a necessary trait. He adds to stay true to the science by recommending information related to factual claims and not based on theory alone.


  • Being able to be flexible with your schedule and not get frazzled with spontaneity is a key trait, includes Krieger.


Challenges of a Spokesperson:

  • Quick Deadlines. Blake states, “balancing the media requests which have a very short deadline with your busy job and life can be a challenge.”


  • Staying True to the Science. Blake mentions “trying to answer media requests when the science is evolving and there isn’t a definite position on the nutrition issue” can be tricky.


  • Misconstruing Information. White comments that media can misconstrue messages to create a story that they want to put out in order to make the story more entertaining. This can be challenging. Therefore, maintaining strong science-based, factual information is important in order to make sure the correct message is relayed to the public.


How to Become an Academy Spokesperson:

Interested in becoming a spokesperson? Start to practice and get experience now. Krieger advises to start with local TV and newspapers or write blogs for credible websites to show your media experience. To learn more about the qualifications and application process of becoming a spokesperson, visit the Academy website.


“Being an Academy spokesperson is a very rewarding experience. Apply for it when it is the right time in your life. You want to be able to ‘give it your all,” concludes Blake. Communication is everything. Now is your time to communicate to the masses. Are you ready to apply?



Sarah Koszyk is founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and blog focusing on recipes, family health tips, and videos with kids cooking in the kitchen. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach specializing in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

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