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How To Ace A Skype Interview


How To Ace A Skype Interview


You submitted your resume to your job of choice. You had a phone interview and nailed it. Now, the company wants an interview where they can meet you virtually over Skype. Remote interviews are becoming more and more common, especially when interviewing candidates that may be out-of-state. Instead of spending money on travel expenses, technology has allowed us to conduct live, visual interviews from anywhere in the world.


You need to make a winning impression from a distance. Here is how to ace a Skype interview.


1. Be Punctual. Log-in to the interview five minutes early. Treat this online interview the same way you would treat an in-person interview. Being punctual shows you value the employer’s time and are interested in the job.


 2. Dress To Impress. Dress just like you would to the live interview. Look the part of the culture of the business. Dressing properly from head-to-toe (shoes included) can also give you confidence so that you feel empowered, capable, and assertive.


3. Body Language Matters. Even though you are not meeting in-person, the interviewer can still see your body language. Remember to appear relaxed and smile. Try to look at the camera and not look around the screen too much. Refrain from doing anything on the computer during the interview. People can tell when you are using the mouse or cursor and typing. If you want to take notes, use a paper and pen just like in an in-person interview.


4. Pick The Right Location. Conduct the interview in a quiet, professional-looking room. Make sure your background is clean and organized. A noisy, messy room can be a distraction and make you appear less professional.


5. Practice Makes Perfect. Try out your equipment beforehand to make sure everything works and you have the right connection and reception. Also conduct a practice interview with a friend so you can get a better idea of how you look and act in front of the camera.


Remember: Dress, body language, and environment are still important during a Skype interview. Follow these tips and you have a better chance of landing the job.


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