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Fool-Proof Resume Writing Tips To Get You Noticed


Fool-Proof Resume Writing Tips To Get You Noticed


Having a stand-out resume is imperative to get you noticed. Your resume is your first impression. If your resume looks bad with poor grammar, sloppy margins, and boring descriptions, the poor resume will reflect your potential abilities, worth, and work ethic, which may destroy your future chances with the company. In one quick review, a substandard resume can ruin your chances of landing your dream job.

Have no fear! NutritionJobs obtained expert advice from top recruiter and training coordinator, Jason Knopp, “It’s time to do the Best Work of your life.” Knopp provided insider tips on what he looks for when reviewing the thousands of resumes he’s seen.


5 Stand-out Resume Writing Tips:


  1. Customization: “While it might take a little extra work up front, you should try to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Do your homework on the company. Read through the job posting (what exactly are they looking for) and adjust your resume to show how you’re a perfect match. More specifically, rearrange your resume to feature the accomplishments most relevant to the job in question at the top,” informs Knopp.


  1. Letter of Interest/Cover Letter: “A relevant and well written Letter of Interest/Cover Letter will make you stand out amongst the hundreds of resumes received for each posting. The letter should explain how each of your previous jobs relates to the job requirements of the position you are applying. For example, expressing that you wrote a novel on a resume for a receptionist job is useless unless you can prove they somehow correlate,” explains Knopp.


  1. Spelling/Grammar/Content: Knopp recommends ALWAYS using spell check and having someone else review/edit your resume. “A fresh set of eyes can spot errors that you and the spell-checker might have overlooked.” Sometimes words are spelled right, but they don’t correlate with the sentence structure or context.


  1. Short & Sweet: “Cut out a lot of the fluff. Your resume should be clear and concise. As a general rule, your resume should be one to two pages. If you resume needs to be longer, remember the most important information should still be at the top of page one,” advocates Knopp.


  1. Formatting: Knopp advises to make your resume flow by having an easy to read font and differentiate the sections using bold and italics to help guide the reader. Name the resume file appropriately so it stands out. Example: Resume_Last name_First Name. Once uploaded to the career site, double check formatting before submitting your final work. This is very important so you submit a proficient resume.


Success! You’ve submitted your resume and now what? The waiting game can be dreadful. However, Knopp states it’s OK to send an email a week or so following your application if you haven’t heard anything from the employer. Make sure the email is written professionally in a positive tone simply stating your specific reason for following up regarding the position you applied for on the specific date. Always stay kind and professional and you’ll go far in your career.


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