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Dietetic Career Trends in 2019

Dietetic Career Trends in 2019

Here are the latest Dietetic Career Trends in 2019. Some trends are still gaining momentum from 2018 and others are hot off the press. Check out these career options to enhance your future dietetic practice. – Sarah


  1. FODMAPS: It’s still gaining more and more popularity. Food companies are developing low FODMAP-friendly options or including a low FODMAP label on their food products. Learn about FODMAPs so you can educate your clients accordingly.


  1. Cannabis MNT: It was on our 2018 list and remains on the 2019 list as more and more dietitians are incorporating cannabis into their medical nutrition therapy practice. Check out the new training programs offered.


  1. Nutrition & Technology: Start-up tech companies are still trending in 2019 by hiring dietitians to help with their app and content development (if the company is nutrition-related) or to assist their employees in internal corporate wellness programs.


  1. Plant-Based Dietitians: Plant-based diets are gaining momentum and many companies are also developing plant-based, protein-rich food products. Learn how to counsel clients who choose to follow a plant-based diet so they have balance and variety in their food choices.


  1. Product Development: Food companies are hiring dietitians to help develop food products that contain many different components such as probiotics, fiber, low FODMAP ingredients, and more. Put your food science and food chemistry skills to work.


  1. Spokesperson: Companies still want dietitians to represent and promote their products. Work for a food company you enjoy and share the benefits of their goods with the public.


  1. Media Dietitians: Media dietitians are in hot demand.Local news channels are looking for dietitians to provide tips on news segments or other media-related platforms.


  1. Gut Health Dietitians: Similar to FODMAPs, gut health is growing in popularity throughout the United States. People are concerned with food allergies and/or intolerances. Specializing in gut health is a great niche to be in.


  1. Sustainability & Dietetics: Sustainability could imply specific farming techniques to sourcing local products to choosing responsibly-raised meat and seafood. Dietitians are being hired to help companies promote and/or establish a sustainable food environment while also sharing with the public.


  1. Project Managers: Foodservice companies, corporations, and tech companies are hiring dietitians as project managers to help promote or establish specific nutrition-based food programs whether it is with public relations, nutrition communications, or the creation of specific nutrition programs within the company.


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