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Dietetic Technician, Registered


  • A dietetic technician, registered (DTR) is a professional who is knowledgeable about food, nutrition, and diet therapy, which is the use of diet and nutrition in the treatment of diseases. A person seeking DTR credentials must complete a two-year associate’s degree in an accredited dietetic technician (DT) program, a minimum of 450 hours of supervised practice experience (gained under the direction of an accredited DT program), and successfully complete the national registration examination for DTR.
  • Dietetic technicians, registered work independently or in teams with registered dietitians in a variety of employment settings, including hospitals, school systems, healthcare, business and industry, community and public health, foodservice, private practice, and research.
  • Dietetic technicians assist a registered dietitian in provision of food service management or nutritional care services. A dietetic technician may assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating food programs, standardizing and testing new recipes, and supervising the food preparation and service.
  • Other functions may include employee training, menu planning, budget management, and food and beverage purchasing. In nutritional care services, the dietetic technician assists a clinical or community dietitian in interviewing patients and taking diet histories, choosing menus based on established guidelines, giving routine dietary counseling, and teaching principles of medical nutrition therapy on an individual or in-service education basis.
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