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Best Secrets On How To Have A Successful Dietetic Career – Part 1 of 3



The Best Secrets On How To Have A Successful Dietetic Career – Part 1 of 3


NutritionJobs has a mission to enhance our dietetic industry, help each one of us find our dream nutrition job, and enjoy abundance. We reached out to fellow dietitians to get their recipe for success. Here are The Best Secrets On How To Have A Successful Dietetic Career – Part I. This will be a 3-part series sharing important, must-know tips from some of the most influential dietitians.

“Focus on abundance and become a solution based optimist. Focus on what is working instead of what is not working. You attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy, and focus to, whether negative or positive. Your success is determined not by your circumstances but by your beliefs and attitude. Start an abundance journal today!”

 – Chere Bork, MS, RDN, founder of Savor Your Life Today
 – Twitter: @cherebork

“Contracts can be very intimidating – they look like a legal document with a bunch of wordy mumbo jumbo. But here’s the secret: Before they’re signed, contracts are just pieces of paper. When someone presents you with a contract, it’s not only your right to modify it, it is your responsibility to change anything that you cannot agree with or perform. Anything that is incorrect, unfair or impossible to enforce has to be negotiated before you sign. Take the time to be your own advocate and ask for what you want or need to do your best work. You can modify the contract. The worst they can say is no, and if it is a bad deal, then no is actually the best outcome. In my experience, dietitians avoid negotiating because it feels like conflict. I think most business people would be shocked if you DIDN’T do any negotiating. They rarely put their best offer in the first draft.”

 – Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD, Founder of Eating Disorders Boot Camp
 – Twitter: @JessicaSetnick

“Focus on your connections in three areas:
*Connections in your network – take the time to develop and nurture the relationships with people in your network;
*Connect with your strengths – are you in a role where you are able to do what you love and use your talents and strengths?
*Connect with ideas – read and stay on top of trends occurring outside of dietetics so that you can bring those ideas back into our profession to make it stronger.”

Sonja Stetzler, MA, RDN, CPC, Founder/Owner of Effective Connecting
Twitter: @sonjastetzler



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