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Become a Successful Second Career Dietitian – Part 2

Establishing A Successful Career As A Second Career Dietitian – Part 2


Part I of this two-part series emphasized determining your passion to find your niche and get experience in the dietetic field in order to excel in your new career. NutritionJobs reached out to more Second Career Dietitians in order to find out how you can use your first career experiences and skills to enhance and optimize your new dietetic career. Read on to learn more how to establish a successful career as a second career dietitian.


“Leverage your first career as a point of differentiation. You have unique skills and experience as a second career dietitian. Take time to think through how these can apply to current and future work as a nutrition professional. Develop, refine, and know your narrative so you can effectively and concisely share your story with employers, colleagues, and others in the field.”
Vanessa Costa, MS, RDN, CDN, Registered Dietitian, KIND Snacks
Twitter: @vanessacostardn

“Do not devalue your previous experience as a professional. I transitioned from fashion to nutrition and my previous experience in social media and business development is what allowed me to make the switch to a RD who specializes in branding and marketing. Instead of selling yourself short because you lack experience as a RD, focus on the skillset and experience you can bring to the table from your previous career.”

Stefanie Dove, RDN, CDN, School Nutrition Marketing Specialist, Loudoun County Public Schools

Twitter: @StefanieDoveRDN

“Whatever career you had prior to becoming an RD, use it! It is helpful to look at your former career skill set and utilize it in your new role as a Registered Dietitian. It is typically something that will and can make you stand out and will likely offer a unique perspective. I constantly use my background in consulting and finance to run my business today and have fully integrated my culinary training to be a vital part of my brand.”
Abbie Gellman, MS RD CDN, is a Chef and Registered Dietitian and owner of Culinary Nutrition Cuisine.
Twitter: @CNC_Abbie

“Don’t be afraid to use your first career in your second (or third!) career. Some of us wanted to become a dietitian and never look back, but there is tremendous value in your years of prior work experience. Combining old and new will likely fill a valuable niche in our industry. Be creative and put all of your experience to good use boosting our profession.”
Sandy Pagán, RND, LD, Founder at Dietitian Hub
Twitter: @DietitianHub


Having the additional bonus of past job experiences can enhance your value and worth as a dietitian and make you more versatile and knowledgeable. Use this to your advantage and enjoy your new career as a dietetic professional. We are happy to have you on board!


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