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Become a Successful Second Career Dietitian – Part 1

Establishing A Successful Career As A Second Career Dietitian – Part I


The glory about life is that we can make changes in our career choice and still have time to succeed and grow. Dietetics is becoming a desirable field in the United States and is projected to grow 21% from 2012 to 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics. Some of the people joining the dietetic industry are people who have decided to pursue a second or third career path. Leaving a previous career and embarking on a brand new one can be intimidating and scary. Some people may have been well-established in their previous career, which can make the transition as a newbie a challenge. NutritionJobs caught up with some Second Career Dietitians to find out their secrets to success when establishing a promising dietetic career. Enjoy Part I of this two-part series.

“Enjoy what you do. Find your niche and then find (or create) the job in your niche. But primarily, this is your second career, enjoy it!”
Sharon Richmond, RD, LDN, CLT, Founder of Nutrition Your Weigh
Twitter: @TareahSR

“Make an effort to volunteer and get involved in the field. What you learn in the classroom will vary to what you see and do in practice. When it comes time to applying for internships, you’ll be in a better position than those without that experience.”
Ryan Whitcomb, RD, CLT and Owner of GUT RXN Nutrition
Twitter: @gutrxn

“’Follow your fascination.’ When I was deciding what to do with the rest of my life, at age 43, I gave myself a year to figure it out. Everything kept coming back to food and how fascinating it was to me. So many of life’s happenings came back to the influences of food – celebrations, illness, and good health! It was that thought process that led me back to school to become a dietitian and I’ve been fascinated ever since.”
Stefanie Williams, MA, RD, CLT, LDN, Making Nutrition Simple
Twitter: @swilliams6987

Stay focused and spend some time determining what your passion is. When there is desire and drive behind your goals, you will move forward and succeed in what you set out to do.

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