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8 Part-Time Dietetic Career Paths

Sometimes we only have the ability to work part-time due to family obligations or other reasons. Finding opportunities for part-time work can reduce stress levels while gaining experience and receiving an income. In addition, all jobs can open doors to new opportunities. Here are 8 part-time dietetic career paths.

1. Clinical Dietitian at a Hospital:Many times, hospitals are at capacity with their employment. Starting a clinical position at a hospital part-time may result in getting a full-time position once one opens up.

2. Dietetic Virtual Coach: Virtual food tracking platforms are hiring dietitians for individual coaching. These jobs are flexible and many include work-from-home options.  

3. Long-Term Care Dietitian: Some long-term care facilities only need a dietitian part-time due to the number of patients.

4. Nutrition Counseling in Community Settings: Many community settings, such as WIC, Food & Friends, Meals on Wheels, and more, hire part-time dietitians to counsel their patients or develop educational materials.

5. Certified Diabetes Educator: Facilities need Certified Diabetes Educators for counseling, teaching classes, developing educational materials, and more, on a part-time basis.   

6. Bariatric Dietitians: Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are hiring part-time bariatric dietitians to provide medical nutrition therapy to their patients.

7. Eating Disorder Dietitians: Eating disorder clinics are constantly hiring part-time dietitians to conduct nutrition assessments, provide education, and monitor clients’ progress.

 8. Worksite Wellness Dietitians: Corporations are looking for dietitians to provide nutrition coaching to their employees during health fairs and employee wellness events. These positions are part-time and flexible with travel.

Working part-time can allow for more free time to pursue other projects with less stress while still having an income. For part-time opportunities, customize your job search with NutritionJobs and find all the part-time jobs available HERE.


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