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8 Benefits and Tips for Dietetic Professionals to Successfully Self-Publish your Book

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8 Benefits and Tips for Dietetic Professionals to Successfully Self-Publish your Book

Self-publishing is gaining momentum, popularity, and success. According to Author Earnings Report in 2014, self-published authors “took significant market shares in all genres. Self-published books represented 31% of all e-book sales on Amazon’s Kindle store.” The opportunity to successfully self-publish a book is feasible and can be profitable. Here are 8 benefits and tips to successfully self-publish your book.


Benefits of Self-Publishing:

  • Retain Complete Control. Having complete control over the content, design, and direction of the book is a plus, reports Carrie Mark, MA, RDN, LD, Chief Acquisitions Officer at NCES, Inc., who assists authors and reviews books daily to include them in the NCES catalogue.
  • Easily update content. Julie Beyer, MA, RDN, Author, Speaker, and Nutrition Educator, has written and self-published multiple books including You CAN Write a Book: The No-Nonsense Guide to Self-Publishing. Beyer states the ability to easily update and improve content with each printing is ideal so you can keep the information current and relevant.
  • Print on Demand. Being able to print on demand or print fewer books depending on one’s budget is a cost-saving plus, adds Beyer. Especially when your cash-flow is limited.
  • Keep All Your Earnings. Carrie Mark notes that you can keep all the earnings and you don’t have to share royalties with anyone else when you self-publish.
  • Multiple Streams of Income. Having the rights to your book so you can parlay it into multiple streams of income such as selling “articles” based on your book content to magazines or website publishers is a great opportunity includes Beyer. The options for additional streams of income are very open. One just needs to be creative.


Challenges of Self-Publishing:

  • Beyer acknowledges that procrastination can easily occur without someone from the “outside” driving the schedule. Beyer recommends a solution to create your own “hard” deadlines by scheduling speaking engagements where you want to sell your book or sell advance copies to motivate you to finish the job.
  • Up-Front Costs. Mark advises the up-front cost of printing/publishing can be tricky. Traditional publishers will cover the cost of printing which can be a significant advantage to authors.
  • Finally, both Beyer and Mark mention marketing as a challenge. “When you self-publish, you take on all aspects of marketing your book,” explains Mark. Beyer adds, “the success or failure of your hard work is directly related to how much effort you put into telling people about it.”


Top Tips To Self-Publish:

  • Just Do It. When self-publishing, don’t “wait” until you have time or your research is “complete,” instructs Beyer. She notes, “the best advice I got when I self-published my first book was to just get it done and out there.”
  • Order Realistic Quantities. Mark also suggests ordering smaller quantities of your book until you know if there is a market. This way you don’t have too many extra copies with no idea where they are going.
  • Hire Professionals. Mark closes with her top tip of engaging in a professional editor to edit your book prior to publishing. This provides a final review to make sure your book is complete and all the small details are correct. Beyer adds, “you might think what you wrote is clear and clever, but asking an editor and other subject matter experts to help fine tune your work can mean the difference between a successful book and one that is ridiculed in reviews.”


Self-publishing can be fruitful and rewarding. Now is the time to get down and start to write your dream piece.


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