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7 Secrets to Write A Stellar Newsletter

7 Secrets To Write A Stellar Newsletter


Newsletters are valuable marketing tools. Sending newsletters to your readers is a great way to maintain relationships, share important content, and promote your services or products. Your newsletter can further enhance your expertise and increase your income. Writing the right content within your newsletter is imperative so that you get the intended message and action across to your viewers.


Here are 7 Secret Hacks to Write a Stellar Newsletter.

1. Compelling Subject Line. The subject line is the first important step to getting people to actually open your newsletter. Subject lines should raise curiosity and interest. What would make your audience open this newsletter? How can you grab their attention? Make the subject line touch the reader so they feel as though they must read this.

2. Language is Everything. The right language in your newsletter will speak to your customers. Who are they? Are you writing for the general layman? Is this a fun newsletter? Informative? Shocking? Determine what type of newsletter you are projecting to get your feel across.

3. Cut the Fluff. Newsletters need to be short and sweet. Cut out unnecessary words. Be clear and concise with your language.

4. Proper Layout. Make the newsletter easy to read. Bold words. Use catchy headlines. Incorporate bullet points if possible. Use photos. Consider the reader will briefly skim the headlines for topics of interest and quickly glance through the content.

5. Call To Action. Every newsletter needs a call to action whether you want people to go to your website, buy a product, or forward the newsletter to a friend. Make sure you leave your audience with one call to action so they have something to do.

6. Make it Easy to Unsubscribe. This sounds counterintuitive. However, if you are sending a newsletter to people and they don’t want to read it, you’ll have angry customers trying to stop getting your newsletters. Make your life simple so your customers life is simple and make an unsubscribe button easily available at the end of your newsletter.

7. Sending a newsletter with mistakes is a no-no. You instantly lose credibility. Make sure to proofread your newsletter so all the copy and photos are correct. Send yourself a test newsletter and check every link to make sure they work before sending the final newsletter to your list.



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