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7 Must Have Social Media Skills To Enhance Your Nutrition Business


7 Must Have Social Media Skills To Enhance Your Nutrition Business


Social media marketing is so important. Most businesses have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram page among others. Reason being is the value of communication and relationship-building opportunities social media brings to the table. A business can reach a wider audience with the help of social media marketing. Knowing how to properly use your social media efforts is key so you don’t waste time and energy. Here are 7 must have social media skills to enhance your nutrition business in 2017.


1. Content cohesion. Keeping cohesion between platforms is desirable so that you maintain a specific brand. Creating content that can go across boards will help save time and money. Make sure to use the same style and tone when developing content.


2. Channel Management. Use tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts across multiple platforms so you only have to create one post. Scheduling posts for the week can help with time management.


3. Video. Most platforms now accept videos and they are very popular among viewers. Add in a video or two weekly to keep people interested and engaged.


4. Photos & Graphs. Visuals are great and a quick way for people to instantly get your message without having to read a lot. Use infographs, photos, or memes.


5. Respond. When people comment on your posts, respond back. Social media is meant to be social and people like to be heard. When they take the time to write a comment on your post, comment back to let them know you appreciate what they have to say.


6. Customer Service. Many people now use social media to contact companies. Make sure you respond quickly to your comments, in-mails, and other forms of social media support in order to maintain quality customer relationships.


7. Tags and Analytics. Use tags and analytics to see how you are gaining leads or revenue from social media. Popular analytic tools like Hootsuite Analytics or Google Analytics can help you determine what posts are doing well, how people find your website, what links people click on, your audience’s demographics, etc.


Remember, social media is all about being social. If you need to hire someone to maintain your social media content, do it. Social media managers can be extremely helpful in fine-tuning posts, responding to people, developing content, and staying on top of the latest trends with new platforms.


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