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5 Dietetic Job Interview Tips

5 Dietetic Job Interview Tips


The interview is an important step in the job application process. Once you have a phone, virtual, or in-person interview scheduled, it’s time to do some serious research and preparation. Your interview success can determine whether you get the job or not. Here are 5 Dietetic Job Interview Tips.  


1. Get to know your interviewers before the interview. Jenny Westerkamp, RD, CSSD, founder/owner of All Access Internshipsand Jenny Westerkamp Coaching, Twitter: @JennyWesterkamp, advises,“Take advantage of the power of LinkedIn and Google via ‘professional stalking.’ Learn about those that are going to be in your interview and also those that are current employees in similar roles. Be able to mention something you know about them personally. Work it into the interview or into a question that you ask. This can increase the rapport and make for a more impressionable interview.”


2. Do your research. Patti Landers, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND, with Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship, Twitter: @KADDI-2017, informs, “Do your homework by learning everything about the company and the people you will be speaking with before you go.” The more you know about the company and the position, the better you’ll be able to answer the questions and be a qualified, desirable candidate.


3. Practice and prepare. Juliet Rodman, RDN, NBC-HWC, Chief Wellness Officer at Wellness Corporate Solutions, Twitter: @julietrodmanrd, explains, “Interviews take practice. It’s your moment to tell your story. It’s your job to convince a recruiter you have the skillset and experience. Be prepared with talking points on how you will fit into the company culture, job description, and overall organization. Be prepared to give examples of how you are a great fit for the job. Arrive with your own questions to ask regarding the position. Bring extra copies of your resume on quality paper to distribute. Dress in business attire.”


4. Be genuine in the interview process. Erica Jain, CEO of Healthie, Twitter: @gethealthie, describes, “Being genuine extends to showing your passion and explaining why you’re excited about joining the company and team, but also in showing your weaknesses and explaining how you are ‘imperfect.’ Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities because the interview process is just the beginning of what is typically a multi-year relationship. Both sides want to make sure there is a genuine fit and connection with the job role and company values, beyond the surface.”


5. Follow-Up. After the interview is over, always follow-up with some type of written note. Send an email or, preferably, a hand-written card. Do this right away so you can stay present in the interviewers’ minds as they most likely will be interviewing multiple candidates.


The interview road can be a bumpy ride. With a positive attitude, perseverance, and preparation, you can ace the interview and get your dream job.


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