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2018 Dietetic Career Trends

Dietetic Career Trends in 2018

The latest and greatest Dietetic Career Trends in 2018. These hot trends can help shape, grow, and enhance our dietetic practice and your dietetic career.


1. Spokesperson: Companies are recognizing the importance of having a nutrition expert represent their product(s). If you have a specific food product you enjoy, reach out to the company to let them know the value of having a dietitian either on staff or as a consultant.


2. FODMAPS: More research is emerging demonstrating people with gastrointestinal problems benefiting from following a low-FODMAP diet. Get educated on this subject so you can counsel patients accordingly.


3. Genetic Counseling: People now have the ability to test their DNA and get insight on what foods may or may not work with their system. Certain companies now offer dietitians tools to test people’s DNA for food allergies/intolerances, etc. Add this testing and counseling into your existing practice.


4. Virtual Coaching: More and more people are wanting virtual coaching. Insurance companies are now accepting it, too, using Place of Service (POS) code 02. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered to conduct telehealth services.


5. Cannabis MNT: Cannabis is now being used in medical nutrition therapy. More holistic cannabis consultants are emerging to provide their clients with educated therapy. Check out the new training programs offered.


6. Start-Ups: Tech companies focusing on health and wellness are hiring dietitians to assist with content and product development for their new apps and technologies.


7. Corporate Wellness: Tech companies and other corporations are employing dietitians to assist with the health and wellness of their general employees. Dietitians can help reduce health care costs and increase work productivity through nutrition and fitness recommendations.


8. Be an Influencer: “Influencer” is the latest term for people who have an effect over others for purchasing decisions. Become an influencer using one or more social media platforms and get your voice heard by the masses.


9. Public Relations: PR firms are hiring dietitians to directly work with other influential dietitians and assist with strategic marketing plans to enhance brand recognition.


10. New Food Labels and Regulations: With the upcoming changes to the nutrition facts label, dietetic professionals will need to educate people on how to understand and read the label. In addition, dietitians can work with companies in order to modify their educational tools according to the new labels.


Quick tip: Pick 1 or 2 trends and think about how you can incorporate them into your existing practice to expand your business and wealth.


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