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20 Social Media Time Management Tips From Dietitians

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20 Social Media Time Management Tips From Dietitians

Social media can suck up our time, energy, and focus. Having a set plan on how you are going to manage your social media obligations is important in order to continue to do the regular work you have to do and not fall into the social media black hole. I reached out to 20 dietitians and they shared their top social media time management tips. Get ready to clear up your schedule and optimize your social media energy. – Sarah


“At the beginning of the year, I make a monthly appointment (towards the end of the month) in my calendar to schedule social media posts for the next month. Strive for a couple posts per day. This helps me get focused on messaging and targeted on time.”

Judy Barbe, MS RDN
Twitter: @JudyBarbe

“Take 2 hours at the end of the week to schedule the upcoming week’s social media posts. This allows me to focus my down time (or scheduled social media time) on engaging with my audience and peers.”

Kathy Birkett, RDN, LD
Twitter: @KathyBirkettRDN

“Just like when working with paper and ink documents in an office, social media efficiency requires touching every piece of mail once only. Develop your own system for cataloging immediately upon receipt: Trash, handle now, or look at during my break or time off. I try to keep the last to a minimum. The most important key on my keyboard is DELETE.”

Digna Cassens, MHA, RDN
Twitter: @digtheisland

“Schedule a specific time during the day to dedicate to social media and email.”

Jen Flachbart, MS, RD
Twitter: @JenFlashRD

“I spend 15 minutes a day on social media. Pick the platforms that give you your greatest bang for your buck. Where do your potential clients hang out? That’s where you put your time and energy. Always go into social media with a plan; latest stats are 20% personal (yea, you need to be PERSONAL), 30% sales (telling people what you have available, freebies are best), and 50% business (which, for most of you will be related to nutrition). Be consistent, and show up regularly. And, the biggest tip of all; SET A TIMER!”

Marjorie Geiser, MBA, RD, BCC
Twitter: @megfit

“My social media strategy is to use it with purpose – build a strong base by following accounts that are relevant to your purpose on that social media platform, and then devote a set amount of time to check in each day.”

Melinda Johnson, MS, RDN
Twitter: @MelindaRD

“Make it harder to access your accounts. Delete the apps from your phone and uncheck the box to ‘keep me logged in.’ Every time you want to access a social media account, you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth the time to log in just to see whether there are any new updates.”

Jamie M. Marchetti, MS, RDN, LD
Twitter: @Scintilla_Life

“Make use of a scheduling platform, like Buffer. I set aside some time a couple days each week to schedule the majority of my posts so I don’t have to think about it the rest of the week. Then I can just focus on engaging and sharing other people’s content. You can also easily share articles read online using the Buffer extension in your web browser and see analytics for posts shared from Buffer.”

Karman Meyer RD, LDN
Twitter: @KarmanRD

“As I’m sitting with my iPhone, I have to admit that my most time saving social media tip is to do my social media from my laptop. Typing with all 10 fingers is just a lot faster than trying to navigate on the phone.”

Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT
Twitter: @DineRight

“My tip is to use Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck has been a huge time saver for me. Tweetdeck allows you to schedule your tweets in advance for a specific time and date.”

Samina Qureshi RDN, LD
Twitter: @SaminaqRD

“Social media is hard to keep up with. I use my phone and what little pockets of unscheduled time I have. So if I have 5 minutes in between clients, or am on hold on a call, and have no emails or other tasks that I could do in 5 minutes, I’ll post/share posts/respond/tweet/retweet. There are those few minutes here and there that are not long enough to do much else, but can add up to some productive social media time.”

Dianne Rishikof, MS, RDN, LDN
Twitter: @diannerishikof

“Falling down the social media rabbit hole is easy – you try to have a presence everywhere, all the time. If you are on several social media platforms and feel like you just can’t keep up, my tip is to FOCUS your efforts. Determine where you get the most interaction or support, and focus on regular, meaningful activity there. Which platforms drive traffic to your website or blog? Which result in live contact with a potential client? Which increase your audience? Figure that out, and you’ll know where to focus.”

Julia Robarts, MS, MPH, RDN, LDN
Twitter: @jugglingjuliaRD

“Set a timer or schedule specific times to check/post/update/respond to social media channels. The reason being, it can be a total time suck if you don’t plan and limit yourself.”

Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE
Twitter: @vandanashethRD

“Set aside one hour on your calendar weekly to create social media posts. Create an account with Hootsuite and link all of your social accounts to it. Then create at least 7 short posts/tweets during that hour. Schedule one per day for the week within Hootsuite. It’s best to have the whole week on a theme if possible.”

Erin Skinner, MS, RD
Twitter: @RealNutritionRX

“I find that setting a calendar for social media posts and building in time in the day for social media (in my calendar) is helpful. I have a routine down so it usually doesn’t take up my whole day- but without care it sure can.”

Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN
Twitter: @isabelsmithrd

“Consider creating a monthly editorial calendar for your entrepreneurial purposes – this will ensure you’re holding yourself accountable for disseminating your news or promotional pop on the appointed day. You might line up a Tweet pertaining to national asparagus day on Monday; post a savory oatmeal recipe to Facebook on Wednesday; and promote sign-ups for your upcoming webinar on Thursday. It’s a solid way to keep your social media calendar organized and in one place.”

Krista Ulatowski, MPH, RDN
Twitter: @KUcumbers

“Get a program or app that will let you schedule social media posts. I personally love Publish. It allows me to schedule Twitter & Instagram posts anytime I want or a time that is determine best based on my followers. It is such a time saver and allows me to do multiple posts throughout the day without having to be attached to my devices all day long.”

Mandy Unanski Enright, MS, RDN, RYT
Twitter: @nutrinuptials

“Hire a tech and social media savvy dietetic student/intern or young dietitian to serve as your assistant. Work with your assistant to craft social media posts and schedule them (after your review). Set up a system of working together that allows them to teach you new skills and offers you the opportunity to mentor them to develop writing and entrepreneurial skills.”

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE
Twitter: @hopewarshaw

“Find out which platform your target audience hangs out on then focus your efforts there. Become involved with groups where they are and build trust. And, decide how much time to spend on social media. Then STICK TO IT.”

Dr. Penny Wilson, RDN, CSSD, LD
Twitter: @eat4performance

“Get your social media organized in advance and post at once or set up your posts and times in advance. As for browsing on social media, set a specific time, perhaps mid-morning and mid-afternoon.”

Lisa R. Young, PhD, RD
Twitter: @drlisayoung


Thanks to all the wonderful social media savvy dietitians who contributed to this article. Remember: having a plan with your social media is important in optimizing your time and energy. Get your calendar handy and you are on your way.


Sarah Koszyk is founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and blog focusing on recipes, family health tips, and videos with kids cooking in the kitchen. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach specializing in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

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