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10 Job Search Tips Every Dietitian Should Know


Sarah Koszyk

10 Job Search Tips Every Dietitian Should Know

The dreaded phrase: “I need to find a job.” The thought of the job search can instantly bring up anxiety and fear. However, searching for a job doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Time to get empowered and find the fun in researching new career opportunities and growth. To provide you with the confidence and tools you need to find your dream job, here are 10 job search tips every dietitian should know.


  1. Network. Tried and true. Who you know matters. I have landed the majority of my jobs through friends and colleagues. Make connections with people and maintain them. Continue to network so your reach remains strong and you have a lot of contacts.


  1. Be Vocal. When looking for a job, reach out to the people you know and inform them of your situation. Someone may have a tip or an in with an opening job position. Tell everyone you know, regardless of whether they are in the dietetic field or not. You never know what may come into fruition.


  1. Update Your Social Media Profile. Companies do check people’s social media profiles to see what type of person they may be hiring. Keep your profile updated in a professional manner which will represent you as a qualified candidate with integrity.


  1. Get on LinkedIn. More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their main search tool. Keep your profile updated and revise it to emulate qualities and characteristics that a particular job is looking for. Highlight your strengths.


  1. Use Social Media to Connect. If you find a company who is hiring, use your social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to see who you already know that works within the company. Reach out to that person and ask for a referral or an internal connection. Many companies hire new people from fellow employee recommendations.


  1. Use the Right Keywords. If applying for a job online, most companies use an applicant tracking system to see if the resume has keywords that the job position is looking for. Before applying for the job, make sure to update your resume accordingly to reflect the desired words and phrases. This way, your resume can at least pass round one into a real human’s hands.


  1. Focus on Finding a Job with Your Dream Growth. Not all entry level or beginning job opportunities are fantastic. When searching for a job, also look at the potential the job can bring. Can you move up in the company? If you enter in this position, is there room for growth and development? Take a look at the big picture before deciding to move forward with the opportunity.


  1. Impress with a Portfolio. To get the interview, you most likely had to submit a resume and cover letter. For the actual interview, bring a portfolio to wow them. The portfolio can include copies of the cover letter, resume, business card, recommendations, and examples of past work or volunteer experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Bring a copy of the portfolio for each interviewer.


  1. Power of “Thank You.” After the interview, follow up with a genuine “thank you” card, email, or note for each interviewer. Depending on the place of business, the format of hand written or electronic will vary. But always follow up and show your gratitude for the time taken to meet with you. You can also add in the value you could bring to the company in this note.


  1. Persevere. If you get rejected from an interview, continue to be persistent and keep going. Focus on the learning opportunity from the experience. Jump back into the job search and try a new tactic.


Searching for a job can be challenging. If one tip doesn’t work for you, try another. Or do multiple tips at once to optimize your time, energy, and resources.

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