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Dixie State University
St. George, UT
Hospital Housekeeping Systems
Philadelphia, PA
Metro Behavioral Health Associates Eating Disorders Centers
Scarsdale and NYC, NY
Barnert Subacute Rehabilitation Center
Paterson, NJ
San Diego Healthcare Center (SNF)
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May 2016

Social media can suck up our time, energy, and focus. Having a set plan on how you are going to manage your social media obligations is important in order to continue to do the regular work you have to do and not fall into the social media black hole. I reached out to 20 dietitians and they shared their top social media time management tips. Get ready to clear up your schedule and optimize your social media energy. – Sarah

May 2016

Jane Barracato, MS, RDN and I also met while at a networking meeting. Just goes to show how powerful making connections with fellow dietitians can be. Read on to learn more about Jane's career path. – Sarah

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