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Alachua WIC Program
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March 2015

The most effective companies hire employees with specific traits and characteristics that will enhance the company's business. Hiring an ideal employee is not just about who is the most knowledgeable because information, technique, and systems can be taught. Recognizing the best qualities of an ideal candidate is important in order to determine who will work best with other employees, who is most apt, and who will also become a strong asset.

March 2015

Kristina Todini is a student powerhouse. She defines the words: self-starter, doer, and achiever. During her undergrad, she originally reached out to me, since I'm on the executive committee for Nutrition Entrepreneur's Dietetic Practice group, and proposed to organize and write a quarterly student e-newsletter. The student e-newsletter was a hit with all our members. Her motivation, determination, and talent will take her very far in her career. I'm extremely excited to see how she will positively enhance our profession. She's off to a great start. Read on to learn more about Kristina's current endeavors. – Sarah

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